[Fan Photos] Kim Hyunjoong @ Hallyu Fan Card Concert 25.04.2010

Posted: April 30, 2010 in English, Event, photo spread
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HJL is seen with his long hair for the concert. He’s back with his old hair style which I ❤ so much ^^

I got this from his korean fansite ^^ I will only put few pics here, for those who wants the whole photo set of this post (70 photos in total), just comment and stated ur e-mail address. I will only give it to 5 people and a bonus of HJL fan cam when performing Dejavu will also be given!

I will also give it to another 5 twitter follower ^^ Just DM me your e-mail address ^^v

Photos credit as tagged !

More under the cut!

  1. alexia lo says:


    do i still stand a chance??

    i hope i do! =D


    please please! thanks!

  2. Jenni_4 says:

    Please give it to me…. ^.^ V…. bass_rocks_4@yahoo.com

  3. Kelly says:

    ooooo! i would like to have the pictures and the performance of dejavu! thank you!

  4. hey says:

    hey imuyuchan, thank you for always updating me about SS501 activities…
    although i am a huge fan of young saeng, i think that HJL is cute!
    they are such a great pair!
    would you mind sending me the photo set?
    Thank You again (:

  5. Imuyachan says:

    download link is sent to the 4 of u ^^

  6. hey says:

    hey imuyuchan, thanks a lot for the pictures! (:
    but i have a problem, i cannot open the video..
    can you help me?
    thanks again!

    • Imuyachan says:

      it’s in FLV format ? the smalles video extension…u can play it with classic windows media player, GOM Player , etc. let me know if u still hv trouble to open the video…

      you can try to do the right click – open with – choose classic windows media player ^^

  7. hey says:

    hi Imuyachan , sorry, i just realised that i have spell your name wronglt, so sorry!
    and sorry to bother you again, but i stll cant open the video..pls help!

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