SS501 Kim Hyunjoong is Lu Xiaofeng ??

Posted: April 25, 2010 in English, info
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Kim Hyunjoong is selected by netizen to play a role adapted from Chinese martial arts novel The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng “Lùxiǎofèng chuánqí” / 陆小凤 传奇. Or in Korean 육소봉전기 – Yuk So BongJeonGi.

According to Sina Daily on April 7, HJL is selected alongwith other top stars like Wu Chun and Jay Chou.

Details about the novel click here

-Omitted for not related to HJL-

Source : sportschosun ; Eng trans : Imuyachan @ MarinaStory

Imuyachan : If he is selected for real and HJL accepts this, I won’t mind!

But pls don’t abandon  his Korean activities ^^


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