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Posted: April 25, 2010 in English, Random Things

I just ❤ these boys too much!!!!

Omo U_U it’s been 11 days  since my last post about out boys TT

I am truly sorry, but, my job is taking most of my time, though I have time to read their news, but I just don’t have the energy to do translation whatsoever~ At office I speak English and sometimes Korean, so at home, I try to speak Bahasa for God sake LOL

I was actually plan to even close this blog due to my limited time and since I couldn’t keep up with the update, I was feeling a bit guilty to all of you who came here and not finding anything new everytime you visit this blog.

But, an encouragement came from my readers, twitter followers and of course my dearest fellow bloggers (Sookyeong and Lynette of Kokokoreano) who made me change my decision and I decided to keep blogging about the boys though I don’t know ’till when U_U

I am sorry, but I am no longer a teenager who have free time to blog the whole day and not doing anything, I worked ’till late at night and since I love my  job as much as I love SS501, I try my best to keep this blog alive and keep you girls updated, so please be kind and drop your comment everytime you see a nice post posted okay ? ^^ Coz, that’s really giving me spirit to keep blogging 😀

Everytime I feel like stop blogging, I see the readers’ comments, SS501 videos , esp. Leader HJ who dragged me into this blogging world.. Call me lame, but he is the one who makes me stronger and he is the reason for me to stay blogging about SS501! That’s explain the leader bias you find in this blog…

So yeah, I am a hard core fan of Kim Hyunjoong and SS501 , that’s why I keep this blog alive ^^v

Sorry for this random post, but I feel like saying it ^^

Today, April 25,2010 SS501 is concert-ing in Saitama Arena in Japan (Hallyu Fan Card concert) ! They will also be back to the music scene as per May 1,2010 – 501 days concept remember ? Let’s wish them gluck and pray that the boys will grabbed those #1 place all over the charts 😀 U still remember how to do that rite?


Triple S Yorobeun …Mianhaeyo keurigo neomu gomawoyo ^^



  1. Mitch says:

    aaaawww feel sorry for you… But am happy to know that ull keep posting in this blog

  2. A says:

    Hey Imuyachan thanks for blogging about SS501 eventhough u r so busy!!!
    Fighting!! By the way I miss ss501 when r they gonna do a come back? =)

  3. jas says:

    had been to your site everyday and found no news abt our princes… pls dont be discouraged… keep on fighting!!!!

    • Imuyachan says:

      i usually blogged about our boys during friday-saturday-sunday or on one of those days..due to my job…i can only do it during weekeend…or whenever i hv free time during working days…thx 4 coming 😀

  4. Jenni_4 says:

    thanx for not leaving Imuyachan i always visit ur site for n ews on our boys and i love this blog. i totally understand ur work situation bcuz i wrk also anyway thnx for staying and ill always support u and double S kkk?

  5. amirah says:

    thank a lot!!

  6. eluel says:

    Keep fighting!!
    This is the first blog about SS501 I found, so I really love it ❤
    I will always support you. ^^

  7. mas says:

    hi, are you malaysians? Hmmm, when I started liking this group which is 5 years ago, I rarely find Malaysian that liking them. Now, there seems so many.

    Hmm, I like your sentence that you are not a teenager anymore. Me too. Onnly able to watch them but gladly able to buy their stuff, since I am working now. 🙂
    For you, leader is your most favourite member ( may I said that? sorry if it is wrong), but as for me, Kyu. For five years I’ve been monitoring his development and find courage, smile and happiness from him and the members. This group accompany me during my most terrible time and sometimes i do feel to stop liking them, but how?

    I learn a lot from them, courage, persistence, and hardworking and also teamwork. I could write endlessly about them, but hei, your blog really help fan like me who doesn’t know Korean to be updated.

    Banyak2 terima kasih ye. 🙂 fighting.

    • Imuyachan says:

      hello dearie..nope I am not Malaysian …i am Indonesian ^^ n yes, my bias is Leader Hyunjoong as u can read from my writings 😀 if u know the history of this blog u wud know that Leader is my 1st n main reason to have started this whole thing ^^ of course now, all 5 members are my favorite yet leader is still my no.1 😀 u are most welcome…hope u enjoy ur stay here as i will try my best to keep u girls updated with the most recent news about our boys despite my super busy schedule at office ^^ n yes, ure right! for us who is already a worker we can easily buy those cds, dvds etc. 😀 that’s why i am helping the younger fans by doing give aways which i will do it in near time ^^ thx for coming ^^

  8. KamilyaKZ says:

    Hi! Thank you very much for blogging! Actually I get to know news about ss501 from you! From your tweets and you blog!
    Please don’t stop it! You are a really dedicated fan! I respect you!

    As I understand, you know 3 languages, aren’t you? Or more?
    (from this post – English, Korean and Indonesian)
    You’re a polyglot! I want to learn new language, but I think, it’s really hard to keep knowing 3-4 languages, ahh…

    • Imuyachan says:

      hello KamilyaKZ ^^ thx 4 coming n rooting me n my blog (plus tweets LOL) ^^
      yes..i speak few foreign languages ^^ Indonesian, English, Korean and conversational Japanese…i can’t read Kanji tho LOL
      n yes, it is really hard to master few languages at the same time..I learned Indonesian n English since kid..yet, I sometimes mixed Korean n Japanese LOL

  9. kristine says:

    hi!how r u?????????

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