[Photo] Kim Hyunjoong for Barca vs Real Madrid Match!

Posted: April 14, 2010 in FanStory, photo
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Another Spain trip report ^^ HJL was spotted watching the soccer game between Barca vs Real Madrid match on April 10,2010.

He was seen wearing a Cristiano Ronaldo Tee ^^

HJL’s sitting position amazingly is even discovered by a TS ^^

Another group of TS also spotted HJL and can only followed him around when he walked heading to the stadium, HJL was actually trying to come near to the fans, but, the manager pushed him the other way around ..but HJL is reported to wave and gave his best smiles to all the lucky fans who recognized him at the stadium (read: all over Spain)

Fan account story + photos go to the respective owners via quainte501

Imuyachan : He even looked good fr behind and though he only wore slippers…OMG ❤

  1. hannykhj says:

    aahhhh..if i could watch with him..love football too!!!!>o<

  2. Novita says:

    I know i can’t watch the match with him….
    but if i have a chance to watch it in the same place,,,
    i’ll searching him and say….
    “Oppa I LOVE YOU”

  3. Kimz says:

    tat’s Ronaldo’s shirt no.9!!! super cool,HJL !!! hehehee… ^o^

  4. […] The photo book is containing his photos which took in Spain (remember his Spain trip before? click here+here) […]

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