“Flower Boy” Kim Hyunjoong also mesmerized Spanish Fans!{Departure/Arrival Video Included}

Posted: April 10, 2010 in fanvid, fyi
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SS501 Group leader Kim Hyunjoong flew to Spain for a fashion photoshoot on April 7,2010.

It is reported that Hyunjoong had received a huge cheer during his arrival in the country. He arrived at Barcelona and received warm welcome by his thousand fans.

Kim Hyunjoong has gained even a higher popularity for his appearance in Boys over Flowers drama. It is known that he is very popular in Asia yet, now, his popularity in Europe is also proven.

Previously, through his group official website, he put a prank message for his fans saying that he’ll be leaving for Spain for study yet, he was leaving Korea for Spain but only for a fashion photo session.

Hyunjoong is originally going to Madrid and not Barcelona, and this has made confusion among the fans.


Hyunjoong will be staying in Spain for estimated 1 week before returning to Korea and preparing SS501 new album set to launch in May 2010.

Source : aoi@mtstarnews.com; Eng Trans : Imuyachan @ MarinaStory


Here’s  his departure video !

and, his arrival in Spain video!

  1. Aprilborn says:

    I am amused by the exponential increase of fans that reportedly welcomed KHJ in his arrival in Barcelona every time there is an article released on that event .Please report accurately although I would have been very happy if indeed there were fans in the thousands . There were only 10 fangirls in Barcelona Aeropuerto and about 80 gathered in Madrid Aeropuerto. There are two pictures already circulating regarding KHJ(wearing white hoodie and maong pants ) and company walking in the street (looks like CBD)and they appeared to be doing so in their own sweet time .

  2. johind says:

    if you’re in spanish why don’t come to morocco that’s not far just some kilometres ………loool…we’re are waiting for you and all de boys flowers

    moroccan girl

  3. Soin says:

    ^___^ now oori Hyunjoong is soo hot, isn’t he ??
    it’s good to know he has also European fans !!
    and i hope he always have time and opportunity to enjoy himself as normal people (who’s not a star) do…

    now i’ve been listening to Kyu’s Confession eieieiei….
    feel good to hear him sing a ballad

    thank you dear !!

  4. […] The photo book is containing his photos which took in Spain (remember his Spain trip before? click here+here) […]

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