[Fan Project] Let’s Celebrate Park Jungmin’s Birthday! Join the project!

Posted: April 1, 2010 in fan project, Random Things
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Hello Everyone!

Welcoming Jungmin’s birthday on April 3,2010 I will open a birthday project.

It’s a simple one, I just want to show Jungmin how much we love him ^^

Jungmin, will celebrate his 23rd (24th in Korean calendar) on April 3rd,2010.

I will make a Fan Birthday Messages for Jungmin. Since, it’s Jungmin’s 23/24 bday, I shall use the 24th bday version as Korean usually use their Korean Calendar in age counting.

I will collect 23 Fan Message (plus mine, so total will be 24 person).

Requirements :

– Send in your photo (real one) and birthday message for Jungmin

– Birthday message should not be more than 2 sentences-pls keep it short yet meaningful ^^

– Also stated your location , i.e. : Indonesia Triple S , etc.

– Also stated the reason why I need to choose you and make you as one of the chosen 24 person

Go under the cut for more details!

Send in the requirements to my e-mail : imuyachan@yahoo.com and put Fan Project as the e-mail subject!

I will only accept all e-mail that comes into my  inbox on April 1st,2010 Jakarta time (GMT+7).

All e-mail which comes after the mentioned period above, shall not be considered as one of the participants…

Why need to limit the number of the people ?

Well, I want to mark his 24th bday, and I am also busy with my job, so don’t hv much time since I want to translate all your message into Korean.

I will make it into a Power Point presentation or Short video (Let’s see, coz I have not decide it).

I will try my best to translate all messages into Korean or at least make it a mix of Korean and English.

I will send this to SS501 official site webmaster and asked him to pass on this to Jungmin.

I shall await your e-mails then…

Let’s celebrate Jungmin’s birthday by sending in our wishes for him on his birthday ^^



  1. A says:

    I’m not an officail Triple S can I join the project imuyachan?

  2. A says:

    I mean official not officail.

  3. Praew says:

    ENDED ALREADY??!!? AGAIN!??! why am i always late??! T^T

  4. sHypRiNcE says:

    i just only want to greet jung min-ah a happy birthday..
    more power.!

  5. QueLyed says:

    jung min oppa!! saranghae………….

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