[Photo] MinSaeng for Seoul Fashion Week Day 3

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Event
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I found another photo of Jungmin and Youngsaeng, when they attend the 3rd day of SFW 2010.

It was on March 28,2010 when the 2 spotted attending designer Gwak HyunJoo’s fashion show located still in SETEC.

Source : 티브이데일리 신정헌 기자 tree@tvdaily.co.kr; Eng Trans : Imuyachan @ MarinaStory

  1. youngsaeng’s glasses is from Royal Avenue, Jung Min`s online shop! keke~

  2. Margareth says:

    wow,, young saeng oppa look different with glasses.. lol
    btw..imuyachan have u read their message??? i’m almost tricking with hyunjong oppa message before i read young saeng oppa message,,after that i now,, this April fool’s message.. haha,, they are so cute lying like that to us.,,^0^

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