[Info+Photos] HJL whilst doing his ‘normal’ life with his neighbors!

Posted: March 27, 2010 in fyi, photo spread
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Browse news about SS501 today, and spotted this news about HJL playing soccer with his neighborhood acquaintances which has been publicly disclosed.

These photos are recently posted in Daum Cafe “I Love Soccer” segment which of course gained people’s attention.

In the photo, we can see how HJL is really enjoying his time as a ‘normal’ person. HJL is seen wearing blue custome for the football game.

One  of the netizen comment ,”I envy the people in the neighborhood who’s able to play with him”.

Source : sisaseoul; ENG Trans : Imuyachan @ Marinastory

More photos under the cut!

  1. SSZA says:

    awwwww..its good seeing him being able to hv the time to play soccer n socialise with his neighbours!!! 🙂

  2. hannykhj says:

    maybe it just my feeling, but i feel the different side of khj in this photo..he looks very normal…hoooooohhooo…it might be good to see him play soccer since he always try tobe a winner,he might be use all of his power tobe win..hahahahaha…LOL!!!

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