SS501 HJL is definitely love to go fishing!

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Random Things
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HJL is featured in an article about the stars and their hobby.

Here’s what’s the article say :

Korea International Fishing Secretariat,” Kim Hyunjoong loves to go fishing since high school. Despite his busy schedule for drama, music, and overseas activities he always spend time to go fishing and enjoy it so much. “he has said.

Source:서울신문NTN 이규하 기자 ; ENG Trans : Imuyachan for MarinaStory

Imuyachan : I wud love to accompanied him LOL ^^

  1. YZ1 says:

    LOL i remember watching WGM and he was fishing there.. xD

  2. hannykhj says:

    it would be fun to go fishing with him….hahahahah….

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