[TV] SS501 in Channel [V] Thailand interview

Posted: March 18, 2010 in tv show

SS501 done interview for Channel V Thailand. And, SoIn is kindly translate the whole interview for us.


VJ Mike : You’re with me VJ Mike and we’re with 5 hot guys from a hot Korean Boyband. also have a first show in Bkk tomorrow.

Welcome SS501 !!

SS501  : Sawasdee krub Puak rao SS501 !! (Hello we’re SS501!!)
VJ Mike : It’s great to have you here today, thank you for having interview with us. Have you been in Thailand before, like 2 times?

(JM indicated his hand as 4)

HJB : 2 times


HJL : 4 times

HJB : oh ? yea…

VJ Mike :But this time is special from the others because you’re having a full concert in Thailand, right ?

JM : Right !!

HJB : Wow let’s go party

VJ Mike :How do you feel ?

JM : Oh Very good..I’m good

HJB : Excelent !!


HJB : We’re happy and also excited, since this is the first time for our full concert performance,
and it’s also during Valentines’ day…so we would like to give this as a present for Thai fans

VJ Mike : OK So for SS501 1st Asia Tour Persona, what you have for…special, fireworks ?

HJL : Actually everytime we perform, it’s always special.  Thailand is a hot country (weather) so when we sing and dance,
i hope it would gets cooler (Soin : yea…leader you guys were cool, but you also made it hotter once you were on stage LOL ^^)

VJ Mike : So after Thailand, what will you do next ?
HJB : Come back to Korea ! (ha~)
JM : Next concert in in Korea

VJ Mike : If you re all to play in a movie together, what kind of movie so you want to do ?

JM : Action
HJL : If I do movie…mmm..i would love to play ‘The Host’ this movie was filmed in Thailand, and was on #1

KJ : Kyeooo !!

(KJ & HJB did an imitation from the movie LOL..isn’t it supposed to be creepy?? they were so cute ^^)

HJB : A monster, yeahh

VJ Mike : Bong Jun ho Ohh yeaa I love Bong Jun Ho

VJ Mike : Can you tell us about any future music project, or a future albums ?

KJ : After we finish our Encore concert in Seoul, we’ll start working on our new album which you will hear it soon,
and each member also has individual job like acting or DJ

VJ Mike : Can each of you tell me your favourite SS501 song ?

HJL : Each member are different, you have to watch at the concert. And Jungmin’s solo also, please see it in the concert. (I think Leader was talking about their solo parts in the concert…??)

(Concert Clip : Warning)

VJ Mike : Now this time is actually the final examination (period) of students in Thailand…would you give a message to support them ?
JM : To take exam, it depends of our determination…if don’t work hard then there’s no success …
so please study hard and if you have time, please listen to SS501 songs !!

VJ Mike : Excellent…charisma..charisma

JM : Oh~oh yeah!

VJ Mike : Would you say something to Thai fans who’s going to your show tomorrow ?
YS : Tomorrow there is going to be our concert, it’s been a long time since we’ve met, and it’s valentines’ day…
we’re ready and hope you all are ready to have fun with us.

VJ Mike : Thank you guys so much for coming today, Khob khun mak kaab

SS501 : Khob khun kaab…
VJ Mike : welcome to Thailand for the fourth time and have a great luck for your show tomorrow

SS501 : Khob khun kaab

(Then they started saying some Thai words…)

Lor (러 Handsome)
Narak (나락 Cute)
Suay (수아이 Beautiful)
Hong nam (헝남 Toilet)

Source : Channel V via ecardreport+ENG Translation SoIn @ MarinaStory


  1. Kimz says:

    hehe^^ thanks both of u esp.the translation 😉
    i couldn’t really catch VJ.Mike’s words LOL*

  2. binz says:

    oh man all the 5 boys have like so heavy eye bags and dark eye circles now! like so much heavier and darker than before. see already heart pain.. hope they get enough rest soon!

  3. bvelasco1 says:

    I LOVE SS501
    they are so talent

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