[INFO] SS501 DOUBLE 86 HyunSaeng Updates!

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Advertisement, Event, info
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HJL is *still* busy endorsing Hotsun Chicken product. And Hotsun Chicken is currently doing a joint promotion with 7-eleven. They sell Hotsun Chicken Set Menu with various menus such as : Sandwiches, English Muffin, etc.

The customer  can get some points to get a chance winning various gifts such as : SS501 CD with HJL’s autograph (1st prize for 20 person), SS501 regular cd (2nd prize for 30 person) and HJL diary. The promo ends on April 16,2010.

Source : EBN; ENG Trans : Imuyachan @ MarinaStory

Another news is about Youngsaeng, we all know that Saeng-ee has done an Ost project for drama “Will it snow for Christmas” rite? The song just in case u forget, titled “I love You , I am sorry” which is such a beautiful song sung by him ❤ Well, the drama is set to be aired in Japan starting March 20 via NTV channel, and a celebration party for its airing in Japan is scheduled on March 29. The party is named as “KNTV Premium-Spring Christmas Party” took place at Shinjuku-Bunka Center, and for this celebration they will invite all the drama Ost singers and that includes  SS501 Heo Youngsaeng ^^ I am so happy to hear about Saeng-ee solo activities ^^ Gluck to him!

Source : gounworld@yna ; ENG Trans: Imuyachan @ MarinaStory; Image : 윤영선 @ Cyworld

  1. Kimz says:

    haha..so cute Hotsun chicken keke ^^
    and for YoungSaeng i’m looking fwd to listen your awesome solo!! 😉
    anyway,thanks for the update!! ^^

  2. maekaela_joy says:

    happy day:)

  3. Margareth says:

    loove to hear about Young saeng solo activities..^0^

  4. […] when I told you that Youngsaeng-ee went to Japan to participate in a party called “KNTV Premium-Spring Christmas Party” took place at Shinjuku-Bunka […]

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