[News] Hallyu Fan Card anyone? SS501 to have a concert in Japan on April 25,2010!

Posted: March 17, 2010 in info

Today, I bumped into this one news saying about this Hallyu  Fan Card release.

So, Enex Telecom throwed a Press Conference back on March 10 at the Grand Ballroom of The Westin Chosun Hotel, as they released a Hallyu Fan Card in partnership with Yahoo Japan. The card is aiming all Japanese Hallyu fans as the card will give them privilege related to Hallyu events. The card cost them 26,ooo yen (approximately ₩ 327,000).

Yet, one thing that’s getting my attention is the part that says SS501 is one of the performer in the calendar event and it is stated that the boys is scheduled to hold a CONCERT in Japan on April 25th,2010.

-Omitted for not related to SS501-

Imuyachan : Don’t u think the Japanese especially the TSJ is just so lucky ? *envy* mode on ^^

Source :차연 sunshine@newsen/정유진 noir1979@newsen; ENG Trans : Imuyachan @ MarinaStory

DO NOT EDIT/Remove Credit Line if taken out!

  1. vina says:

    love them…. ss501 members are so cute and charming. they all possesses nice quality voice that clicks together. i admire them all from looks, fashion, talents and voices. i want to see them perfom live in the philippines!!!

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