[News] Another good deeds action done by Leader Hyunjoong’s Fans!

Posted: March 17, 2010 in info
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SS501 Kim Hyunjoong fans are once again doing a good deeds action.

Kim Hyunjoong fan gathering named “Precious Kim Hyunjoong and Exciting Fans” held on February 26. And, the gathering is said has been donating a 105 hand-knitted hat and 1 million won donation to the  ‘Save the Children’ organization which helped the needy African babies.

The fans say,” To show our thank you to Hyunjoong, we as fans unite and do this good deeds action together so we can show our bond with him,” “We do this under our favorite star’s name because we hope that this action will be linked to him,” she said. “In the future, his fans promised to always do this kind of action and give some contribution to the society,” she vowed.

-Omitted for not related to HJL-

Source : newsen, ENG Trans: Imuyachan @ MarinaStory

DO NOT EDIT/Remove credit line if taken out!


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