[diary] Kim Kyujong’s New message on 02.27.2010!{reposting not allowed}

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Diary
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Kyu posted a new message on Feb 27,2010 around 3 pm before the encore concert ^^

Being funny (as he always do), read his sweet message ^^

  1. daRA says:

    YoUR xO niCE!!! wo0W!!!!!!

  2. tenzin says:

    hi ,f4 guys
    ilove ur this 4f movie very much.
    i love u junpyo. ur acting is wonderful.
    but its not mean that all other r bad. others also
    very well .
    so congratualation 4 ur successful movie.
    ur tenzin.

  3. jenelynn says:

    we know that you did good … we hope that the ss501 will going to tour their in philippines…..

  4. Kokoro says:

    Kyu Jong-perfect like always!!!!!!!

  5. korukara kkj says:

    where did u get these?

  6. jenjen says:

    kyu jong is sooo cute hehe
    im a total big fan of urs hehe

  7. Enhul says:

    hmm, what is their official website???????? I want to know, i’m going to crazy….

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