[diary] Kim Hyunjoong’s New message on 02.26.2010!{reposting not allowed}

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Diary
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Leader posted this message on Feb 26,2010 , one day before the Encore Concert. He also asking the fans to play star (I am sure he means star craft ^^) with him after the concert ^^ He did this diary under his funny id Cromagnon Man ^^

Read away!

  1. Linju says:

    Hello.! My name’s Linju. I’d to know how can you got his message. I want to post it my blog too. I like Hyeonjung. I hope u reply me by my email. Thanks

  2. hannykhj says:

    i’m so happy to read this…in this simple letter…hohoo..
    n his id name…??? OMG!!! what’s on his mind when he wrote that name???? it’s really funny…hohohoh but its so hyun joong. never really sure ’bout wht he’s thinkin’

  3. monique says:

    hai!!!!!!!!!! i want to meet you!!!!! XD

  4. lala says:

    hello! i want to join this site,, i know it will be so much fun..! id also like know more about hyunjoong! thanks

  5. clengsky says:

    im glad ur in gud condition now afterall those intrigues hope ur fine naw…be in the phillipines soon ur fan is waiting for u f filipinos like u… ur so popular OMG!! come and visit us for ur next concert!!!

  6. jenelynn says:

    hi… i love ss501…eventhough i didn’t see the bof because im alwys at work….i hope that someday will meet….i love you all especially young sae….and hyung jun….ss501 is the best boyband ever…

  7. rayne says:

    hi, it’s nice to visit a site devotedto ss501. I love them especially my kim hyun joong… Hope to see you soon…

  8. Aprilborn says:

    That’s why Hyun joong is attractive -nothing is predictable with him -nothing is boring at all!

  9. tri says:

    oppa is the best

  10. pollen says:

    hello hope to hear english songs from the group

  11. _JANELLE_ says:

    I would also like to join the site and get to know more things about them..

  12. YungYing says:

    Hi! ss501 I’m Ying
    I’m Thai
    I love you Kim hyung joong and I hope to see you first time in my life
    and to see your concert. thank you

  13. ayyu triple s says:

    hai! i’m Ayu
    i’m Indonesian

    oppa oppa… success..!!
    i like

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