[Info] SS501 Kim Kyujong is in a love triangle relationship!

Posted: February 23, 2010 in drama
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It is true, yet, only for a drama!

I’ve heard rumors about Kyu’s doing some drama whatsoever, yet, since no official news being released, I just ignore it and consider it as a rumor.

Yet, today, I read the news in a Korean site, and YES the rumor is finally confirmed ^^

So, Kyu is going for a drama as he takes part in the “Superstar” Omnibus drama project in which HJB filmed as well.

Heard that Youngsaeng also participated, yet, it is not confirmed yet.

The drama title for Kyu’s episode is called “Never Ending Love” and it is about a love triangle between 3 people played by Kim Kyujong, Nam Gyuri and actor Park Giwoong. Seeing from the title I think you can guess that it is  a heartbreaking drama and it is said that the episode took 50 minutes duration in total.

Kyu will play a character named Choi Junsu (a patient with brain tumor), Nam Gyuri will play as An Gyuri (who suffers heart disease) whilst actor Park Giwoong will play as Min Sangwoo ( a doctor) and the love triangle relationship will be about these 3 people.

Kyu and his fellow drama casts are said have done the filming in the early of February 2010.

The Omnibus drama “Superstar” which contain 10 episodes as a whole is scheduled to greet their viewers starting the 1st half of 2010.

Then again it is almost March, instead saying 1st half, how about Q2 of 2010 ^^

I just hope to see the drama the soonest, as I’ve been waiting to see this since I see HJB’s acting in the 1st episode teaser and now knowing that Kyu is also participating in the project makes me can’t even wait any longer!

Source : Nate; Eng Trans: MarinaStory

  1. ♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ says:

    woww!! I was SHOCKED when I 1st show the title, ‘Kim Kyu Jong is in a Lover triangle relationship.’
    But after I saw ‘only for a drama’ den I feel better. U made me couldnt breathe. :S
    hahha…Bt reli Excited about the BOYs acting and Cant wait to see. ;P

  2. soin says:

    OMO…..he is too hot in that pic ^^
    now we have a lot of their show to watch…kekeke
    we’re going to look like pandas =__=
    there’s a lot that i haven’t seen yet…

    thank you dear for sharing..
    i’m finishing my writing tonight !!

  3. rad501 says:



  4. Kimz says:

    almost faint when i saw the topic hehe..
    ok.. looking forward to watch KJ’s ‘love triangle relationship’! :p

  5. czarinna jane says:

    well, let’s just wait for the truth to come out…

    if that issue is true, all we have to do is to respect him in whatsoever decisions he made for himself….

  6. […] Besides HJB who is featured for the 1st eps of this Omnibus drama “Superstar”, Kyu also joined the project and act for one of the project called “Never Ending Love”. […]

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