[Fan Account] SS501 and the fans gifts story!

Posted: February 18, 2010 in FanStory
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Would like to share this with you all

For some of you who have been fans for a long time,
might have heard this kind of story
but for me, this is the first time, and heard it from DSP Thailand Staff themselves
this made me even love them more

Me (K.Chom), P’Tukta (Nuna-Hyunjoong) Au and our friends made SS501 guys jelly candy baskets in the name of SS501thailand.com
(if you went to DSP booth in front of the concert venue, these 5 baskets were there, with the guys’ photo on each, did you see them ?
I haven’t taken any pic..now waiting for someone to share the pics)

And also there were a lot of gifts for SS501 from other TripleS-es
I was wondering also, whether these gifts would reach their hands or not…
was praying for any miracle, to let us know that our gifts would be delivered to them

In the concert, the first or second songs during encore
I was at the 4500(sit) around the center zone,
I saw 2-3 DSP staffs carried a flower basket (orchids, inside a plastic wrap, I think this one belonged to TripleS Malaysia)
and they walked to the backstage, I was thinking – why only bring this one? Where is mine? Not gonna bring them also ?? (feeling a bit down)

After the concert, after they guys’ van left. 4-5 of us were about to find something to drink
Again we passed by DSP booth, saw staffs packing the gifts into black bags
We saw our gifts there so we went in and asked…

(*soin’s note…to say ka (female) or krub(male) at the end or anywhere of sentences in Thai, is something like saying ‘juseyo’ or ‘seyo?’  or  ‘ibnida’ in Korean…so I just wanna put it here to keep the tone of the conversation in Thai so you all can also feel it ^^)

K.Chom : Will these gifts really reach SS501 ka?
Staff 1 : Yes sure ka they will. There will be 14 more persons who are going back tomorrow (14 Feb) these will go onto the plane with them.
Oh I was worried I might spoiled your gifts, do you wanna wrap them yourselves?
K.Chom : Yea…sure ka

I asked my friends to come and help with the wrapping and while we were packing…

Staff 2 : someone spoken just now “they won’t bring these gift along, these gifts won’t be delivered to the artists, like XXXXXX ’s gift!” nah !!!…you don’t know SS501…they asked us to bring each piece of the fans’ gifts back !!!
K.Chom : Eh !!!! Really ? Who said that ka?
Staff 2 : All of them..
My friend(…don’t remember who ) : maybe Jungmin ??
Staff 2 : Especially that guy !! asked us to really bring each of them, I was running myself to death just a while ago, to bring those fresh stuff that
can’t be loaded on board to let them see first (*soin-maybe flowers, food  ^^) (SS501 might wanted to see them first,  so sweet…) so tired…..(and the staff drank a bottle of M100 (*soin-energy drink like RedBull)

Then we helped them carried the gifts into staff’s car (afraid that the gifts might fall down)
Thank God…. Our wish became true…now we knew that our gifts will reached the guys for sure

I am just telling you this and my tears are about to fall down…
I can feel that we love the right persons…all of them…they take a very good care of us
so I just wanna share this with you all so you know also….feel so grateful of them

SS501 I love you…

Source : K.Chom @ SS501thailand.com, Eng Trans : SoIn @ Marinastory


  1. Kimz says:

    thanks for sharing ^^
    i have nothing to say just a big smile on my face and my heart ^^
    i love you, guySS !

  2. ♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ says:

    wowww…Sweet…Im Happy to see this cuz It means the gifts that I gave during the HK concert reached the Boys. =D
    I worried this for a long time. “Whether the gifts reached the BOYs??”
    Also all the gifts are quite expensive. Can buy up like 3 of HK Standing ticket. >_<

    Btw, Thx for Sharing. ^^ Thanks Thanks Thanks. Im nw reli in A Good Mood.

  3. Praew says:

    wow! i didnt know that! next time im gna get them something too! 🙂 ❤

  4. crescentmoon says:

    i know my comment is late but whatever. recently im checking some ss501 pics. in a site. i saw some pics. where theres a comment that says “wow! kyu jong is wearing the gift i gave him!” and theres also some pics. where they wore shirts from thai fans coz you can see the tag where there is something written (a sign?) on it. also, a fan saw baby is using the towel she gave him :))) your correct, we love the right people. 🙂 in my opinion, there are few artists who really accept the gifts from their fans and really use it, sometimes other artists rarely receive it.

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