[MarinaStory Report] SS501 Bangkok Persona Concert : The Press Conference !

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Event, FanStory
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MarinaStory contributor SoIn done her detail report from the press conference! Read away!

12.02.2010 Press Conference @ Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon

Thanks to my beloved friends who let me have the best opportunity, to get to meet the guys so near…and i owed them millions thanks…thank you !!! my experience sharing hereby is dedicated to you girls…^^

Friday 12.02.2010 after i helped my family prepared things for CNY, I left home and headed to my friends’ place…we were all excited because we were going to see our beloved SS501 !!!! ^^  there were lots of fans waiting at the venue even it was under the hot sun…i went for a registration first while my friends waited for them over the venue…we waited and waited….and it’s time they came out…around 5.20 pm !!!!!!!!!

According to my friends, they only did a very short Press Conference … which they told me it’s so hard to catch the translation since the voice from the MC was not loud enough to fight with the fans’ excitement…keep saying that “they look gorgeous” “really like snow princes..they are so fair and they glow” “so cuteee” …. well they really were …. 5 princes in white (really !!)

I only heard them introduced themselves as SS501 and then say their names in Thai…i mean like “Phom cheu Kim Hyunjoong Krub” (Je ireumi Kim Hyunjoong ibnida-My name is Kim Hyunjoong ) they all said their names, and my friends said our Magnae’s intro was so cute because he said it like “Phom cheu Hyungjoon kraaaab” (*he held the word ‘Krub’ a little longer, it sounded somehow lively and more playful when someone says it like that ^^)

Because i needed to rush to queue up for the meet & greet. i left the venue with some TripleS-es i befriended with.
after a little while of queing…we heard a scream and saw a big group of fans…running toward the staircases (OMG they finished with the press????) and up to the 4th floor where the event’s gonna be held. a little bit of chaos since the stairs are narrow…but i made way to the location eventually…

I felt that it was quite messy over there, since we all wanted to catch glimpse of the guys, but the venue was not big enough. luckily they can managed it safely…
we queue up and walk in line to the room (the room was quite small…it’s more like a small office gathering space for the mall’s club…but at that moment all we cared about were the guys ^^, and i don’t even know how it’s going to be like. In the end, I just learned right there that we wouldl get a handshaking session with one of the members…
I would love to take photos or clips to share, but the camera was not allowed inside…

The guys sat in line , from left to right – Hyunjoong – Jungmin – Youngsaeng – Kyujong – Hyungjoon, and my chance fell on our Youngsaengee~  ^^  I was waiting for my round when I looked at Kyujong on my right and I saw Leader on my left …didn’t see Jungminee and Baby because they were blocked from my view… and when the group in front of me left,  I was just standing stunned…..not knowing what to do….

…Youngsaengee ?? Youngsaengee in front of my eyes ?? …his face was small and round ..(keke please don’t be angry with me OK? Youngsaengee).. and he was really cute LOL ^^ …I was looking directly at him and he looked straight at me, i guess because i was stunned still…he held out his hand, so I was back to senses…stepped in and place our (me and my friends’) letters on the table and said (the first thing came to mind) ‘Komaweoyo~’ and we shook hands…he slightly smiled and he was really cute…

…when we finished our turn, we were supposed to leave…the guard grabbed my shoulder (gently..^^) to tell me it’s time… then just a split seconds, I took my last chance and sneaked a peak of Leader (since he was on the leftmost, there’s a liltle space behind the guard I could catch), and I said something to him and waved, and goshhh he heard it and slightly turned his head my way and held his hand up…. Ohh…  just that…and I left the room floating~

Youngsaengee has left such and impression to me…^^ and leader…thank you !!!


  1. yanyan says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. Feel like crying when I read this. You’re so lucky for having the chance to meet them. I am soooooooooo envious of you. But I’m really really really thankful that you get to experience and met them, cause at least I get a glimpse of them from you~ ^^ Kamsahamnida~~~

  2. Kimz says:

    They were called ‘Snow Princes’ >> and that day they really were..
    hehe.. our 5 princes ^^

    Btw, why don’t u share with us ‘something’ u said was…??
    kekekeke… LOL* :p

  3. SSZA says:

    omg..u are so luckyyy~i would’ve been stunned to if i were u.i mean imagine if one of the 5 looked straight at me…OMG i would’ve been blushing (since i tend to blush easily when someone stare at me)!n U get to shake hands with them!OH MY GODDDDDDDD!!!kyaaaaaaa..

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