[Fan Story] SS501 Leader Hyunjoong shows his care towards Triple S Thailand named Nan!

Posted: February 16, 2010 in FanStory
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SoIn , “And … there’s a story about a TripleS who is Leader’s fan, her name is Nan and  she was ill with her kidney problem, she was about to attend the concert but since the concert was postpone from January, she is now in the hospital after the operation and other TripleS helped her to let DSP Thailand knows about this….the very nice of them…they get this to our Hyunjoong and he sent her a letter with a cute little bunny soft toy ^^ I’m searching for the source of this to ask for permission if i can share this…. Very heartwarming…I couldn’t say I envy her…just wish her the best and to recover soonest”.

SoIn,” I got this from pantip.com (a thai web community) and i just learned that this is taken from soompi
since this is in Pantip which is open to all, and we are aware of this for a while before…
i feel that it is good to share this….
was about to cry after i read it….hope Nan gets well soon
and i feel so grateful…even i dont know her personally, and even i’m not part of this
thank God there’s such a kindness … please cure her …

Read the details under the cut!

HJL Message to Triple S Thailand Nan (credit to Soompi)

Hi Nan,

By chance, I knew about your condition on the internet.

Firstly, knowing that your condition worsen after the kidney transplant operation, I felt very sad.

Having someone in the family sick, to other members in the family it is a very sad thing. Because during the time when my grandmother was sick, I had fully awared of this feeling, it was extremely hard to bear. However, even if the treatment after operation is really unbearable, you must also face it bravely, thinking of your family members, be good and go through the treatment, if you can continue to receive the treatment, I am very sure you will get good results. I will pray for you, hope you will recover soon, I also hope your father will get well soon.

I know you can’t come to the Thailand concert this time.

But I really wish to see you attending to my next concert.
I will continue to do my best for my fans in each of my performance.

Most sincere regards,
Hyun Joong

Another fan account from ss601.com also posted on Pantip.com

Credit: SS601
Please don’t reedit
Give proper credit when reposting, thanks!

Here is the message from sassypat about the recent reply of our lovely boys’ warm concern of Nan

Also, Nan father’s message to Triple S around the world who concern of Nan.

Dear TS all around the world,

The miracle just happened in Thailand.

As you know about Nan’s story, we try to send the letter in all ways but his schedule very changed.
Anyway, in stamp room all fan not permit to bring every things to the boy (I don’t have the Photo book)
but my plan is tell someone to send the letter to KHL or SS501.

I printed the 20 letters for my plan but on the time we bring those to reporter (But the boy cancelled reporter)
I hide only one for my plan and send to someone who will go to the room
and she just want me to take care her girl between she in the room
(the litle girl name’s Preem, she is very naughty and we ran very much for see them before SS501 go to the room)

Anyway, Preem’s mother hide the letter and put it in front of Kyu sii (her favorite)
and give her ring in his hand (Wow) before his securities take her off.

I just hope Kyu sii will read the letter and send it for Joong.
I think only him or Minnie-Sii have a chance to tell Joong about the story that you known very difficult to closely KHL.

But the miracle happened!!!!!!!!

Yesterday before concert My friend received call from SS501 translator to tell about Nan’s.

She said the boy just got the letter last night and they worry about Nan
(don’t sure that from Preem’s Mother but I think yes because she said don’t sure it is right message).

How is she? Today Nan can go to see concert? How about her father?
Between taking my friend hear Korea language from the boys tell the question by themselves
(I very excite because my friend said their sound seem worry)

When known story, we were crying and dance in front of Hall.
After they check Nan’s story is real
(hospital Name and everything about Nan that she tell)
SS501’s Manager go to hospital in afternoon and give the KHL’s stuff to Nan.

He said KHL got a Message and he can’t go with himself because he will go to concert
and will go to Japan after that but today he send the stuff which he chosen by himself.

This is hiss’s message to Nan and her father as following.

His cousin ever sick like Nan and he known how feeling.
Pls be strong and tonight though Nan can’t go to see him
but he will try the best and will send DVD’s concert to Nan after that.

Pls share this news to your friend that he and his Bro so sweet
and the boy who we like he is the real angle including his baby boy (Kyu Sii, Minnie Sii, Sanggie Sii and Baby Jun)
they are the good boy I never think the Idol will have a nice like that but SS501 is best one.
Pls support them forever like us will love them forever.

Additional, in concert the boy very cute and like an angle and Jong Min Sii very nice when he sang Thai Song.
I have a clip and will share for you soon

And everyone who go to see me before concert at 3 Kim café Thailand that I appreciated is and hope my home
(Thailand) give a good memory to you. Slow Falling nice to see you, you is a nice girl my friend like you too

Thank you for Joong’s heart, SS501’s heart, and Triple S’s heart.

Thank god who give the miracle to us.


And, this is what Hyunjoong gave to nan !

All translation and photo credit to the respective owner as  mentioned !

  1. yanyan says:

    This is the reason why I fell in love with SS501 in the first place. They are so warm and kind to their fans. <3333333

    To Nan, I hope you'll recover and be healthy soon. I'm so happy that you get to experience SS501's kindness and warmth. I'll pray for your health and I'm sure you'll be able to see Hyun Joong's performance in their next concert. Hwaiting!!!

  2. tatavita says:

    OMG I’m so fully touched after reading this story…Am more & more adore HyunJoong, he’s really an angel that God sent to TripleS. I just remembered when at Persona Bangkok he’s smile and nodded to me when I called him & showing him Indonesia TripleS banner (u know what its the longest & biggest banner between all the banners which was put at the concert venue), Indonesia banner was put on my area and I’m so lucky HyunJoong oftenly came to my seat area so I can saw him really clearly, he’s such GORGEOUS in person….HyunJoong such a really really nice person, SS501 very lucky having him as a Leader ^^.
    Thanks Imuyachan for sharing this story

  3. Kimz says:

    wow.. so touching.. :)))
    thanks God — i believe this is one the best support for Nan & her family
    pls be strong and u’ll be right infront of SS501’s stage 😉

    thanks girls for sharing such a heartwarming story ^^

  4. Soin says:

    i got a picture of the Banner (from where i stand)
    i’m not whether it was sent to you…just saw it and i think i need to take the pic for you

  5. SSZA says:

    n this is why kim hyun joong is the one i pick as my celebrity crush 🙂

  6. hannykhj says:

    OMG!!!HE IS SO SWEET..THATS WHY I LOVE HIM THE MOST..HAHAHAHA..the boys r also sweet..i’m really sad when i read this..they doin a good things hope the good thing will come to them too n also our friends,NAN…

  7. ♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ says:

    Ahh…I almost cry nw…It’s a reli Touch Story. >_<

    Hope you will get well soon. I'll pray for u. Be brave like what Leader said. U muz fight wif ur sickness and be the Winner. You sure will be able to watch their next concert. ^^

    Leader is a reli heartwarming n kind person. If Im Nan, Im sure I will be more stronger if I recieve words frm SS501 or Leader and fight with the sickness and when Im Fine, I will stand in front of Leader n tell him I'm Nan and Im Fine nw so i can attend your every concerts.

    This story reli touched me. I will remember this story. This story make me Love SS501 and HJL even more. I can say Im crazy of SS501 but den nw, SUPER CRAZY. and Will Forever Support and Love them.

    SS501, Hwaiting!
    Nan, Hwaiting!
    TS, Hwaiting!!!

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  9. 501rad says:

    did HJL write his message in english or ??? really curiosu ^^

  10. Aprilborn says:

    Very touching and hope KHJ continue to be accessible to fans specially in cases like this .He can inspire not only lead .

  11. Aprilborn says:

    He can only return the love and support he unconditionally receive from his loyal fans .

  12. Praew says:

    i cant blv im crying now!
    hyunjoong-ee leader is soo nice!!
    best wishes to nan and hope she recovers soon 🙂
    many fangirls envy u nan! XD ❤

  13. Ony Hyun says:

    I WISH FROM GOD recovers NAN soon….. KHL was soo gentle
    and all ss501 ILOVE THEM … THANX HONY …….

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