[Photo:Video:Report] SS501 Bangkok Persona Concert : The Concert!

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Event, photo spread, video
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SS501 held their concert on Feb 13,2010 !

MarinaStory contributor SoIn gives you her quick report in this post. More report and photos will be upped soon after office hours since I need to put up the credits and the photos are NOT only one ^^

Yet, I share you one of the best photo for now.

Here’s SoIn’s quick report :

SS501 confirmed left yesterday night (read : saturday night)
Kyu is really good-looking in reality…and he sang never let you go super good^^ Jungmin-ee treated his fans sooo well.
Youngsaeng was superb on stage. Hyungjoon was also cheerful and he is REALLY fair and sang so well also.
Leader…was far away from me…the one i wish i see him more…but he looked lively and the late part of concert since he poured water to the crew and magnae during encore. he was really charming…

And LOL this is 1 of the most discussed topic amongst us….Hyunjoong didn’t take off his top (to the sadness of Thai fans LOL) maybe because it’s in BKK ??? i don’t know also…maybe it’s some regulation i don’t know, because TVXQ didn’t also
Youngsaeng-i rocked the stage with his solo on Find….he ran around and end the song on the center walkway
Jungmin poured out all his sweetness and captured lots of our hearts here, because he was so sweet on stage, and with his language senses..he repeated Thai after the announcer, a lot …

Jungmin-ee did sing a Thai song called “Rak Ther” !! Jungmin JJang !!

All report/photo is done by MarinaStory Contributor SoIn ! Whilst the video is credit as tagged!

Photos from the Concert !

Videos from the Concert!

Love Like This



HJL Solo – Please Be Nice To Me

HJB Solo – Hey G

JM solo – Thai song called “Rak Ther”

And the boys are back to Korea (except Jungmin)

  1. Yu says:

    First of all..Thank you very much both of you …my friends who came to the concert say so (and like SoIn..Leader was far away from them…the one they wish to see more) and also told me that JM is very lovely and sings Thai song (Ruk Ther = Love you)so clearly…and I think that the reason, Hyun Joong didn’t take off his top, is “it ‘s not polite to do so in public.” But I think that some may think that it’s ONLY A SHOW so it ‘s O.K. However thank you both of you again, and wait to see your updated information…:O)

  2. Kimz says:

    soin! i totally agree with you!!!!!!!
    they are real idols.. they did a great job on stage ^^

    hahaha.. after concert i heard everyone talking about leader & his top
    ..which’s cupposed to be ‘topless’ .. LOL*

    anyway,thankssssss you girls for sharing and i’m waiting to c more pics here! 😉

  3. eluel says:

    thanks for the sharing… ^^
    Jung Min is the best at languages. XD

  4. mira says:

    this is my 2nd time write here..
    and i’m from malaysia
    i been follower of your blog since 2009
    i never miss to view and read the update everyday
    what can i say,i like it so much
    thanks a lot babe…
    i know eveything from here..
    how lucky you are..
    so jeolous..
    i’m so envy with you all..
    got the chance to meet all of them
    but thanks a lot for all the pics and video.
    i thought this..can we become friend?
    since we have 1 things in common..we both like ss501..
    furthermore, i dont have a friend that like ss501.
    so far, not found yet in malaysia..
    maybe there are some in kuala lumpur..
    but i’m not stay in kuala lumpur..
    i’m stay in east malaysia..
    quite far..but quite near to thailand..
    i’m still studying..
    now mid-sem holidays..
    umm.. too much i wrote right?

  5. Aprilborn says:

    I’m glad in a way that KHJ is now sensitive to the public sense (what to show /what to take off)of what is appropriate or not specially if its something cultural.Though I read from fan accounts that they were disappointed he was no ripjoong -they should be happy that Leader now know and we should be proud of him.

  6. Praew says:

    that was exactly what i was thinking!
    why didnt leader take off his top???
    thailand’s rules r weird! and i dont even knew these rules existed! and im thai! :O
    soin,,,where were u sitting/standing?
    cos from wat u wrote above, seems like u were in the same position as me
    didnt see leader that close either waah.
    except from the encore!!!!

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