[Info/Pic/FanCam] SS501 schedule in Bangkok for Feb 12-13,2010! Photo at hotel is added!

Posted: February 12, 2010 in fyi, photo
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MarinaStory Contributor SoIn flew to Thailand on Feb 11,2010 around 5/6 pm SG time , and being kind, she wants to share some report! Read away!

SoIn,”someone said that they have the car-in for them to the plane and the guys and some of their team go straight to the hotel. Anyway my friends are still @ airport, she said seems like some of the crews are still there…maybe waiting for the luggage…and there are some fans held a visitor pass inside the terminal as well…

SoIn,”Some of the fans were waiting outside with banners, i’m not sure whether the guys really went to the hotel…
feel sad for the girls if they don’t turn up at the gate T__T but i think everyone understands and knows before that they might not come out in the general exit…”

Friday’s schedule (Feb 12,2010)
Morning – TV show interview in hotel (as far as I know : 07 Show, Toh Khao Bunterng (kinda means – Entertainment station desk) and See San Bunterng (don’t know how long it would take…)
Late Afternoon (around~4-6 pm) : Fansigning/ Meet-Greet : 400 fans from Photobook session, 50 Fans from COncert Ticket and 20 Fans from Eversense Product
Press Conference

Evening-Night : Rehearsal @ Impact Arena

Saturday’s schedule (Feb 13,2010)
Morning – might go for some more rehearsal
6 pm : concert gate opens
7 pm : PERSONA !!

Schedule is shared by SoIn for MarinaStory!

SoIn,” Will keep u update again !! OK while i was typing….it is said that the guys are now in the hotel and up to their rooms. Have good night sleep guys….”

Imuyachan : Huge thanks to SoIn for the report ^^ Don’t forget to drop ur thank you for our lovely SoIn if you read this ^^

Here’s a photo of the boys at their hotel in Bangkok ^^ Credit as tagged!

Fan Cam of their arrival at Dusit Thani hotel – credit as tagged!

  1. Soin says:

    hi dear..just drop by before i go to bed ^^

    wanna thank all the TripleS-es who keep us update also, anywhere in this world…
    i might not catch all the sources of tips and info…
    but really want to thank them all…

    and thank you a lot Imuyachan— ^^ i’ve read a lot from u !!

  2. A says:

    awesome!! thanks imuyachan and Soin for the updates of the boys.

  3. yana says:

    thanks for booth of you for the updates of the boys..

    SS501 Fighting…fighting..

  4. ♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ says:

    Thx Imuyachan and SoIn for the updates. Its Lovely. <3!!

  5. Yu says:

    Thank you so much (both of you) for your updated information and also your photo of the boys :O)

  6. Kimz says:

    Good job girls! Mission done! Today is my first time meeting our guys^^
    Soin! don’t forget to update for the pic from your cam. at press conference! K? 😉
    (I’m so tired.. my arms are painful T^T after trying my best to get our guys’ pics~)

    K.. next mission>> Let’s support them at the concert!!! ^^

  7. Kimz says:

    ps: thanks all you girls for the update ^^ hehe.. happy day ^^

  8. A says:

    I’m so excited for their concert even though I’m not there and won’t be able to see the concert!! 😦 but still SS501 fighting!!!!

  9. Aprilborn says:

    We are waiting for some sneak pics of the rehearsal …thanks for all your active work to make SS501 and leader fans most specially happy . Those of us who were not able to go to Bangkok will look forward to your photos and reporting .

  10. Praew says:

    i really wanna meet some of u hu r going to the bangkok personaa!! 🙂
    wat time r u guys going to the concert today?

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