[Fan Cams] SS501 Incheon Airport Departure for Bangkok Persona Concert {02.11.2010}

Posted: February 12, 2010 in fancam
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Fan Cam 1 (HJL & JM)

As my friend informed me (and as I tweeted, HJL was indeed wearing black hoodie and yellow cap ^^ It’s been a while since I saw him with such a casual-next door boy look ^^). See, how HJL took the fan letter? ^^

More Fan Cams under the cut!

Fan Cam 2 (HJL Focus)

Fan Cam 3 (YS Focus)

> HJB waving around 1:13

> The Cool Prince Youngsaeng saw directly to the fan cam around 1:31 ^^

Fan Cam 4 (HyunSaeng Focus)

“So many gifts ❤ See the DSP staff’s hands LOL”

Fan Cam 5 (Jungmin Focus)

Imuyachan : I miss them like crazy ❤ ❤ ❤

Gluck with the Bangkok Persona Concert boys!


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