[FYI] SS501 Persona Concert in Bangkok : Meet&Greet Lucky Draw Winners Revealed!

Posted: February 6, 2010 in fyi
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As I told you previously, the winners of the Meet&Greet Lucky Draw will be announced by Do Concert on Feb 5,2010 (yesterday). Just in case you missed it, or in any case you confuse on how to confirm your ownership of the mentioned seat number since you’re one of the winner, my Blog contributor SoIn, kindly share it with all of you! Read away!

Announcement for the Lucky Ticket number to attend Meet & Greet with SS501

Instructions Translation :

1.       The owner of the ticket as listed, to send in your Name – Surname and Identification Number, to verify your ownership to this e-mail : ss501personainbkk@gmail.com . Please put in the subject as  “Verification on Meet & Greet Event”  within 12.00 midnight of 9thFebruary 2010. Anyone who doesn’t send in the verification in time, will be consider as disclaimed.

SoIn,” For foreign fans who have their number here, I think passport number will do for the ID.”

2.       Please bring the original Ticket as well as original Identification Card, to register on Friday 12th February 2010 at 05.00 pm. At Siam Center’s parking lot. (The time and location might change so please check in this website again for information.)

3.       The ownership of the Meet & Greet event pass cannot be transferred to others.

SoIn, “I made a call to Do-Concert. Since the person who own the ticket might not be the one that bought it her/himself.So the “owner of the ticket” refers to the person who really carries the ticket, and is the one to attend the Meet & Greet event. Since this verification info will be used at the event’s registration.”

SoIn,” That’s all info i can get from the call. There’s no information on venue and actual date/time officially posted yet. But as i guess..since the registration mentioned above is nearby the Press Conf. venue. And on the same date/time, my guess is the event might be held together with the Press conf. or after that, at the same venue.There are 50 number here and there’l be another 20 from the Eversense product which i don’t know whether it is already announced.”

Imuyachan : I guess all the winners listed will get the info about the M&G , like date/time/place, yet, for everyone’s sake, I will keep posting the latest updates, if me or SoIn found any info ^^

Source : Do Concert; ENG Trans : SoIn for MarinaStory

Do NOT edit / add yourself into the credit line if taken out!

  1. Kimz says:

    Thanks Soin! (kekeke) 😉
    Thanks Imuyachan~

    hehe..good news here..
    one of my friend is a lucky girl!! ^o^
    for sure she will get a close-up pic & feeling to share with us XD

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