[diary] Heo Youngsaeng’s New message on 02.01.2010!{reposting not allowed}

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Diary
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Ok, I knew I tweeted this right on the day he post this, yet, let me repeat that~

Finallyyyyy!! Youngsaeng-kun posted his diary after 2 years ^^

He even mentioned it in his post ^^ Feeling sorry and all ^^

He post this on Feb 1st,2010 around 3 pm Korea time.

I have been busy, so just finished the translation today!

Read away the translation under the cut ^^

  1. soin says:

    i thought he forgot his password eiei
    good to hear from each of them continuously….. now Kyu~ come come ….
    i hope we can see Cromanyon-In post something funny soon

    thanks dear !!

  2. hannykhj says:

    i’ii tell my frens about this.. she’ll be very happy.. she’s YS biggest fans.. hooho~

    • Imuyachan says:

      haha..go tell ur friend then ^^

    • Margareth says:

      thank’s 4 tell me Han.. i can’t sleep after see your share in my fb.. NOW i have read his diary’s.. hope he will be more frequently write his diary..^0^..

      @ Imuyachan.. thank’s 4 your translate,, if he write diary again.. hope u will doing like this again,, Thank’ssss a lot…. lol

      • Imuyachan says:

        hello..so ure the friend of hannykhj..she told me that she has this friend of her who loves Youngsaeng ^^ thx 4 coming..yes, i will always translate their diaries… keep coming to this blog or follow me on twitter for faster info ^^

      • Margareth says:

        hi Imuyachan,, can i have your id for twitter??? i want to follow u..please follow me back..my Id is Meggi3E27.. thank’s

      • Imuyachan says:

        hi dearie..mine is : imuyachan ^^ or click the right side of this blog…the one with twitter image ^^

  3. Kimz says:

    wow.. it’s been to years since his last post?
    Youngsaeng! where have you been!?!!? hehe.. =p

    he said ‘Let’s spend time together’ >> sure! coz we’r TripleS***
    hehe.. i’m so happy evertime reading their post 🙂

    thanks Imuyachannnnn!!!! :3:3

  4. fax0nista* says:

    ooh really young saeng’s so sweet towards everybody including their fans,,
    thnx for the translation 🙂

  5. Hyunsaengie! says:

    no not huynkyu hyunsaengie!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Praew says:

    why is it hyunjoong and youngsaeng’s year?
    thts good anyways. XD
    do u hav any of hyunjoong’s diary posts?,,,translated ver. ?
    if u do pls send me links here. 🙂
    thankiessss imuyachannn . 🙂

  7. genevev says:

    heo young saeng….im a big fun of yours… i really love your voice and your cute face… i hope you and ss501 will concert here in Philippines… wish you good health and more jobs.. thank you for making me smile…love you heo young saeng…^_^

  8. lina says:

    Thanks for posting and the translation 🙂
    Well, I’ve just read this…
    If U don’t mind, I would like to know where I can read his post??
    Thank U so much in advanced ^^

  9. suci dinda says:


  10. korukara kkj says:

    young saeng sshi..
    you’re the one who is getting old..keke
    i’m just 17 ok?keke…
    send my regards to kyu jong!!!

  11. jenjen says:

    wow i’m a really really big fan of urs hehe

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