[Update] 2nd declaration is thrown by HJL Fan Clubs! And, an update about his condition after the incident!

Posted: February 1, 2010 in info
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Remember my previous post about how 3 HJL fan clubs unite to demand DSP explanation towards HJL’s attending ex-president case?

A 2nd declaration released on Jan 27,2010. Personally I disagree, since one of the 2nd declaration action stated how the fans will boycott all product released by DSP Media, yet, the fan clubs will still support the brands which HJL endorsed like Tony Moly, Basic House, Hotsun Chicken, MVIO, Dynamic Kin.

More under the cut!

Few lines from the 2nd declaration :

Detailed action for the 2nd declaration
The Coalition has come up with detailed guidelines for more systematic and effective communication.


We have decided not to take collective action concerning the Persona Encore Concert to be held on Feb. 27-28th. We will leave it up to the free will of the fans to decide whether to attend the concert. We clearly remember the actions Hyun Joong has taken as the leader of SS501, showing unwavering professionalism and responsibility in front of the harsh and extreme fold of events since June 8th, 2005. Undergoing one of the most difficult times, our Coalition will firmly stand by him to walk with him through the most painful experience.

We know that the fans supporting Hyun Joong ultimately share the same goal. Therefore, we believe that whatever decision you make is a result of deep pondering and deliberation. Our Coalition once again declares that we will spare no means and efforts to rectify the situation.


In case DSP Media fails to provide a compelling excuse and apology by Feb. 5, 2010, our Coalition will immediately launch a boycott campaign against all the albums, DVD produced and distributed by DSP Media for which it has copyright, publication right and distribution right, and other products (e.g. including products in Sandmall).

The boycott will be a demonstration of our protest and we have decided to halt any purchasing activity that may bring financial benefit to DSP Media.

The boycott will continue until DSP Media shows sincerity in solving the issue and provides a clear excuse.


At the same time, we will launch a campaign to promote the purchase of various merchandise that Hyun Joong is involved in as a CF model or any other related brands. While strongly urging DSP Media to address the Jan. 18 issue, we will demonstrate our unwavering support to Hyun Joong.

Our Coalition cannot simply sit and watch the trust and image that he has built with so much effort crumble overnight. As part of our efforts to support him, we will start promoting the purchase of goods for which Hyun Joong is and will be an endorsing celebrity. Please refer to Appendix 1 for detailed items.

The purchase promotion campaign will last as long as Hyun Joong serves as the endorsing celebrity of the product.


We do not want our actions to be taken as a mere protest. We hope to seek better approaches and more productive and positive actions as member of the society.  As such, we hope that our activities to support Hyun Joong do not stop simply there, but promote social and community development. We aim to contribute to the society and also contribute to creating a more mature fandom culture by such means as donating the items we have purchased in accordance with Provision 3.

Thank you.

Why I disagree u say? Because if we boycott the product, means we are being unfair to the other 4 members. And, as much as I love HJL, boycotting is simply not the solution in my point of view. I know that the fan clubs’ goal is simply to put pressure to DSP since the company didn’t respond to their 1st declaration and also kept deleting the declaration posted by by fans in SS501 official website showing their stand regarding the demand.

I am sorry for not supporting the 2nd declaration, but I really hope there’s another way aside from boycotting ! *sigh* Oh well, I hope  the fan clubs can get the soonest respond from DSP.

But still i don’t want to boycott the products coz it will be unfair to the 4 members.

Ok, related to the incident, today, I read a translation from a Korean Triple S account.

Read away to know update about HJL and see why our leader HJ is indeed deserved the Leader title ^^

“WHO AM I? I’m SS501’s LEADER!”

I know a Triple S dongsaeng who live in Jamsil.
He said he saw Hyun Joong and Young Saeng together.

Non-fan wouldn’t be able to recognize
but a Triple S can recognize just by one look despite wearing casual clothes.

Know what’s the atmosphere like?
Hehe. That dongsaeng was afraid that others may recognize them and approached them carefully.

He said, ‘I’m a Triple S, Hyung is okay right?
Don’t care about those malicious comments.
See you at the concert.’

Hyun Joong Hyung asked, ‘Who am I?’

Dongsaeng replied, ‘SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Hyung?’

Hyun Joong Hyung answered, ‘Exactly! I’m SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong.
I’m Kim Hyun Joong, don’t worry about that.’

Then left with Young Saeng Hyung. T_T

I repeatedly told the dongsaeng not to lie. He said it’s true!! It’s true!! hehe

Yeah…our leader is strong… we just believe in hyungs.

source: TVZONE BBS

Chinese trans: xinhm / HYUNJOONGCHINA

Eng Trans : s2rene / LOVEKIMHYUNJOONG.com

Imuyachan : Our leader HJ is indeed the coolest person on earth!

Saranghae!! Hwaiting!!

  1. mimi says:

    i wonder if Hyun Joong himself supports this coalition. fans are doing this, but ultimately, what is the effect on hyun joong? does he even know about this coalition? and what does he think about it? is he supporting the coalition? or does he think it’s best to let it go… i wish we knew what Leader thought. coz personally, i think all this boycott stuff is really too much. it might be detrimental to LEader in the long run! I stand by Hyun joong no matter what, but i wonder what is his say in all this. I wish he would leave another message telling us all what he thinks. for all we know, he might want this coalition to stop. just my 2 cents here.

  2. ANNIE says:

    This is unfair for leader,or not? You think HJ need to do that.If you boycott every product ,where do HJ will receive the earning ?How is your life?Do you think of him ,or not?

    We love Hyun Joong .

  3. Kutetensai says:

    yes, agree with you Marina! I think these boycott stuffs is a bit too much! and I don’t think that can support Joongie either!
    I hope they can let this incident go! Joongie is moving forward, no offence but why does they still wonder about that incident?

  4. hannykhj says:

    whoaaa!! i’m happy to hear that…

  5. soin says:

    i really hope the situation gets resolve soonest
    i think i understand both parties…now things seemed to have been dragged for too long…
    i hope something could be done nicely, at least for the guys’ sake….pleaseee
    so this incident can really end without hurting anybody more…T__T

    and no matter what…me also…will never let go of their hands !!
    SS501 Fighting !!!

    ps…Kim Hyun Joong Zzang !!! that is our leader !!! ^__^

  6. A says:

    I disagree with the boycott because boycotting SS501’s management is the same as boycotting the group. It’s not a very smart action from the said coalition or whatever. The boys will not benefit from this just the endorsers so better think twice!! I agree with Imuyachan.

  7. Pha says:

    I disagree with the boycott.Pls,reveiw for your idea.HJL is popula in oversea not only for one.
    It is too much.Are these the suitability ?.May be he want this coalition to stop.

    • Imuyachan says:

      up until now, there’s no feedback regarding this coalition either from DSP or HJL..n reading above update in which HJl says to a young male Triple S that he’s fine, I think it’s enough for us to see that this issue is definitely not bothering him anymore don’t u think?

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