[fyi] SS501 Persona Concert in Bangkok! Press Conference+Hotel Info!

Posted: January 31, 2010 in fyi
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SS501 will have their Persona concert in Bangkok on Feb 13,2010!

Many fellow Triple S asked me about their press conference, flight details, their hotel, etc ^^

I feel like I am their Codi Noona now LOL ^^

Anyway, I got the info, yet, only about the press conference and the hotel !

Read the details under the cut!

Press Conference Info

SS501 will hold their Press Conference on Feb 12,2010 at Siam Paragon.

Update on Feb 2 :

The Press Conference will be held on Feb 12 at Parc Paragon of Siam Paragon – 5 pm onwards (BKK time)!

Announcement made by Do Concert in Thai :

12 กุมภาพันธ์ นี้เตรียมพบกับ  5 หนุ่ม SS501 ในงานแถลงข่าวคอนเสิร์ตอย่างเป็นทางการ ณ ลานพาร์คพารากอน สยามพารากอน ตั้งแต่เวลา  5 โมงเย็นเป็นต้นไป

Update on Feb 6 :

Parc Paragon is an outdoor open space between 2 malls, Siam Paragon and Siam Center.
And the malls can be accessed by BTS skytrain “Siam Square” ! (thx to SoIn for the tip)

Here’s the location plan :

The Hotel info

SS501 will be staying in Dusit Thani hotel!

Read the confirmation from the hotel here

Anyway, for all of you who will go to the concert ! Prepare yourself and your heart , remember the lyrics so you can sing along and of course don’t forget to enjoy the concert!

Thanks SoIn & TS thai for the tip! ❤

  1. CJ says:

    Thank you for the Press Conf info! Hope there’s more details coming soon for us 🙂
    I personally think it’s Dusit Thani too. Because the concert venue and Dusit Thani in some ways are close & connected (not pyshically I mean but more like the management thingy) ^^
    Also Dusit Thani is well known for the security.

    BTW kamu pergi ntn ga? ^^

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi dearie..aku ga pergi *sob* .. soalnya br masuk kantor baru jd agak ribet situasinya…. *hix* anak Indo toh..? kamu pergi? ada salah satu visitor aku juga anak Indo n dia pergi juga..kamu janjian aja sm dia..sapa tau bs share hotel ^^ biar lebih murah.. namanya tatavita..dia pasti komen di post aku ttg hotel info buat concert di bangkok ^^

  2. tatavita says:

    Yaayyyy thanks Imuya for details info..but if you already got exactly where will SS stay, will u post again on ur blog?? Tanks so much girl 🙂

    • Imuyachan says:

      yup..no prob…btw, uda ad temen buat di sana? si Praew kemungkinan ga jd pergi soalnya temen dia cancel jd dia ga dikasi ijin sm nyokapnya kemungkinan besar…gw ada reader namanya CJ – anak Indo jg..kyknya dia pgi ke konser di BKK..sapa tahu kalian bs cheer together ^^

      • CJ says:

        yup aku anak Indo ^^ iya aku pergi tp ga nginep d hotel yg sama ma SS ^^;; aku dah booking hotel, pergi bareng temen2 jg. Ada yg mencar ada yg bareng 🙂
        d twitter, mungkin komenku ga kbaca krn statusku protected *sori*

        @tatavita: kamu pergi ya? Udah beli tiket? salam kenal ^^

  3. tatavita says:

    Hahaha bener bgt Imuya, aq udh komen kok disini, tp ga keluar kali yaa komen aq yg pertama ^^..Skali lg thanks bgt lho bwt info hotel & konpersnya, tp mrk keknya udh confirm stay di Dusit Thani yaa??…Hai CJ klo mo share hotel brg di dusit thani ayooo aq dgn senang hati mau share, jd biar jatohnya lbh murah ^^

  4. C3cil says:

    Hi salam kenal ^^
    Gue juga pergi nonton tapi gue nanti share hotelnya bareng anak Sing & Phil krn dari awal udah janjian bareng.
    BTW thanks yah buat infonya ^^ udah mikir juga sih klo mereka bakal nginep di sana krn kan waktu shinhwa dll juga nginepnya di sana.

  5. TS thai says:

    Just share..announce from Do concert website. Press conference will hold at Parc paragon on ~5 pm.

    You can see on this “http://www.do-concert.com/index.html” but in Thai

  6. Juzzie says:

    Do u know when ss501 leaving to Seoul from Bangkok?

  7. aprilmom says:

    Don’t forget to send us photos pretty quick -we’d like to see them specially KHJ and Young Saeng!
    It’ been a long time -no news is killing us

  8. ASHLEY :D says:

    Hey . Any idea if they coming Singapore or Malaysia ? Thanks.

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