[TV] SS501 HJB in MBC Pro-Gamer Eps.1 {01.27.2010} with ENG Subs

Posted: January 29, 2010 in tv show
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Aired on Jan 27,2010 – 4 pm local time

ENG Subs video is found – thx to fellow Triple S mentioned below ^^

Enjoy !

Imuyachan : Magnae seemed confident ^^ HJB looks superb happy when he sees his team mates so nervous and even thinking hard about his appearance when they’re on the way to meet Rainbow ^^ HJB is so nice, he even asked his Codi noona whether she has a coat to be given to his friend. And, I love how the camera zoom out to the car then there’s this magic effect, then they zoom in to the car and shoot how Magnae team mate already change his jacket ^^

And, Rainbow is so cute when they act cutely and ask HJB’s friend and also the MBC Game Director 2 take care of their sunbaenim (senior) HJB! ^^

Thanks i.love.SS501 for the tip ^^

Watch eps.2 here

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