[info] SS501 Kim Hyungjoon Becoming pro-gamer is #1 in viewership rating!

Posted: January 29, 2010 in info
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On Jan 28, 2010 it is reported that SS501 Magnae Kim Hyungjoon new show “Hyungjoon becoming Pro-Gamer” is ranked #1 in the very 1st episode airing! The top ranking went for the program as it notched the 1st place in viewership rating including from the tv terrestrial program. And, the program also reached #1 for the immediate viewership ratings.

According to audience research agency TNS media, on Jan 27 in which the show MBC Game ‘SS501 Hyungjoon becoming Pro-Gamer” first aired, the research result based on national average within the category of male – age between 13-25 years old showed that the program recorded a 1.0366 % (from 18.06 % market share), whilst within the category of male in their 20s the result is 1.184% (share 25.06%) which made the show ranked #1 including from the terrestrial tv programs.

After airing for a while at 4:30 pm, the show recorded a 1.344% result among man within the age of 13-25 years old, and at 5:00 pm it gained 1.57% within man in their 20s category makes the show in the 1st place in the ranking.  People seemed to put their interest towards the program due to Kim Hyungjoon idol status and it is said that after the broadcast, keyword Kim Hyungjoon or Kim Hyungjoon Becoming Pro-Gamer are recorded #1 & #3 in various portals’ real time search ranking.

The PD, “Young people who dreamed to be a Pro-Gamer put high interest to the show and they also put their feeling into the character (HJB) when they watched it,” he said when being asked the reason for the high ratings.

‘SS501 Hyungjoon becoming Pro-Gamer”  in which SS501 member Kim Hyungjoon experienced the process on how to become a Pro-Gamer aired every Wednesday 4:00 pm local time via MBC Game.

source :gamedonga

watch the 1st eps here


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