[Update] SS501 Kim Hyunjoong 3 Korean Fanclubs Unite and demand explanation from DSP Ent. regarding ex-president bday party incident!

Posted: January 25, 2010 in English
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So, I was visiting one of Kim Hyunjoong Korean Fansite named Investigation KHJ when I saw that they posted a declaration. So, to respond the confusing respond given by DSP Entertainment (saying HJL wasn’t attending then changed their statement that HJL was attending the event) , 3 fan clubs : Investigation KHJ, Miclub JiHoo Hyunjoong Arhi and Kim Hyunjoong Perfect decides to unite and demand DSP’s clear explanation.

I put up the English Translation of the declaration. This is posted on Investigation KHJ on Jan 21st (Korean version) and Jan 22nd (English, Japanese and Chinese version).

I have tried to seek info on how to contact Investigation KHJ so I can ask their permission to share the English translation here, yet, I didn’t make it. My point in posting this declaration upped is simply just to share International Triple S the latest update regarding the issue. If one of the admin of Investigation KHJ disagree to this post do let me know, so I can take down the declaration. Yet, I assumed the fans site decides to translate this into English in order to reach greater fan base right? So, hopefully I didn’t offend anyone!

Meanwhile, aside from those 3 FCs, HJL Chinese Fan site hyunbar66 is also supporting the declaration !

Meanwhile, read away!

Full credit : Investigation KHJMiclub JiHoo Hyunjoong Arhi and Kim Hyunjoong Perfect!

Translation via Investigation KHJ

Imuyachan : I will support no matter what the Korean fans think need to do, since they know this issue better than us International Fans.

I just hope to see him smiling again on/off screen ! And, hope this issue settled the soonest !

  1. ilali says:

    Yes, I pray and hope that KHJ is well again…

  2. aprilmom says:

    Yes,we are waiting for full recovery and putting all these that has happened behind us and to learn lessons from the experience.I also congratulate Hyun Joong for his display of integrity and perhaps to develop foresight and the ability to say NO when needed and appropriate .Hyun Joong must practice self preservation for himself and his group.After all ,he has been left to fend for himself so far . Maybe this is the time to rethink allegiances .

    I sincerely congratulate Hyun joong for his integrity and honesty.It is time to develop foresight and self-preservation . After all experience now tell him he is left to fend for himself -health issues in the past and now this recent situation .Time to maybe rethink allegiances -if they cannot take care of you who should ?

  3. Soin says:

    i didn’t think it is still kind of serious issue
    but like you said…we’re not living in the same context as them, so we might not guess what is it really like over there
    …if the explaination will clear things up more…i think it will also have a good effect toward DSP as well, this is the opportunity to clear themselves up for this incident.
    i myself think that their prior intention of denying wasn’t meant to make things worse, but was lack of the proper internal communication
    i believe that was the attempt to protect him, but was (unintendedly)carelessly declared, so the issue has gone a bit too complicated like this…at least i feel grateful that they didn’t just go with the flow and just leave him being a target
    hope they’ll be more careful, not only for him but for their others artists as well

    thank to Hyunjoong’s natural honesty…that really is his charm…
    me too hope to see him really happy no matter he is on or off camera
    even i know or i don’t…just hope he is happy …

    thank you Imuyachan ^^
    (i have left such a long msg in your blog—)

  4. aca says:

    believe in the honest HJ intention and feeling, no doubt! Suggestion: SS501 better you guys focus on launching the 2nd song after LLT, such as Green Peas or Obsess, we really want to see your MV and performance on Gayo with those songs!! Please…..

  5. Praew says:

    i hope that this mess gets cleared up soon…
    stress is not a good thing especially with leader’s busy sched, he might get sick agaiN!
    so DSP entertainment, please clear this problem up,,,
    and to oppa, please cheer up, u kno tht u hav all of us Triple S [all around the world!!!! :)] giving u love and support,,,so dont worry and b happy 😀
    we will support u in anything and everything that u do !!

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