[TV] SS501 Park Jungmin in “Intimate Note 3” aired on 01.22.2010!

Posted: January 25, 2010 in tv show
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So, Jungmin featured in SBS Intimate Note 3 show aired on Jan 22, 2010.

But, he’s not featured in the whole show, yet, only in one of its section called “Na i reul neomeo jeolchin“.

I give you a rough translation on Jungmin’s cut ^

1st person to be guessed is an actor named Choi JaeSung

Jungmin shares a story that during his early years, he was so exciting every time he met a celebrity. On 1998, the actor did his shooting for SBS drama “Seungbusa” near JM’s neighborhood, and at that time he saw a cigarette thrown away by the actor, without hesitation he kept the cigarette, yet, 10 years after that (2008) he found the cigarette again and threw it away.

When the audience asked why ? He said, because it’s dirty

the 2nd to be guessed is SS501.

All guest hope that all of them guessed it right, so they can get the gift set, yet, the oldest guest Lee GyeIn guessed it wrong, as he wrote TVXQ as the answer.

Enjoy the videos!

Part 1

Part 2


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