[scan] SS501 Kim Hyunjoong for MVIO 2010 S/S !

Posted: January 23, 2010 in Advertisement, Magz, Scan
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The photoshoot done on Jan 4-5,2010 !

And, it’s featured in HIGH CUT vol.21 : Jan 15-feb 4 2010 issue!

More under the cut!

Source is Investigation KHJ/as tagged!

  1. soin says:

    oh !!
    thank you !!!!! dear ^^
    i really want to buy this mag..i like every issue of Highcut, the fashion are all nice

  2. hannykhj says:

    his face makes me smile once again.. hohohoho >.<

  3. kekeke leader is HOT!
    and he’s working that tattoo collection!

  4. Praew says:

    but so thin ):
    get some rest pleaseee oppa.

  5. Kimz says:

    oh! so many pix! nice shots!!
    thanks a lot for sharing ^^

  6. Reem7 says:

    i wish you good luck

  7. Ony Hyun says:

    gosh leadr ur SOO Handsome & HOT … ILOVE YOU MAN


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