[Update] SS501 Kim Hyunjoong & Ex-President Birthday Party Incident!

Posted: January 21, 2010 in info
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There’s update about the issue. In case u dunno, HJL diary was finally circulating around the internet and read by people.

Despite Triple S fear whether HJL diary entry will caused people misunderstands him, the diary is actually helping him in this issue. The diary entry shows HJL side of story, I will share a bit : he wrote how he felt towards the negative comments that came to him without knowing the actual circumstance at that time, judging him without knowing the exact situation and how netizen can kill people with their fingers. But, he also wrote that will revealed in the end – which I believe he refers to the real reason he was there at the event which is not his fault at all and this is also clarified by DSP. Anyway, read it away!

Update  posted by 한상숙 기자 sky@mydaily at 2010-01-19 17:16 Korea Time

The netizen has finally showing a positive response about the news saying SS501 Kim Hyunjoong attending ex-President Chun Doo-hwan birthday celebration.

Kim Hyunjoong was seen in the birthday celebration at Kangnam-Seoul on Jan 18,2010. However, the reason for his presence as his agency DSP Media stated was simply because he was with DSP CEO whom that time receiving a call to stop by at the ex-President birthday bash and there was no special reason or arrangement for Hyunjoong’s attendance at the event besides purely because the company’s CEO was the one who required to attend the event.

SS501 Kim Hyunjoong on Jan 19 has said his disappointments towards the people’s negative comments and negative judgments to his presence in the event without even knowing the real reason of his attendance. And, he was pouring his sadness as well as his anger in his diary towards the people who cursed him whatsoever related to the issue.

Watching this situation, the netizens responses are divided:

  • The agency is powerless and it’s their fault, yet, their artist was the one who receives the damage
  • Forced or dragged is nothing, attended and came to that place is the issue
  • The company should be the one to blame
  • Why the company of a popular idol took him to such place?
  • People know this ex-President very well
  • The Company is crazy, we should tolerate Kim Hyunjoong’s position
  • etc.

Some netizens :

  • They should be ready to receive such blame from people
  • I know and I believe even elementray school students know the former president. So, seeing Kim Hyunjoong in that place is a great disappointment.
  • I understand the situation, never mind, it can’t be change
  • etc.

Meanwhile one netizen :

  • I forgive you if you did not know the event. You have no idea about it.But, how come you guys didn’t know our oppa schedule (imuyachan: DSP b4hand say that they didn’t know HJL details schedule at that date, saying like misreading the schedule whatsoever before finally released their official release on Jan 19,2010).
  1. MEDIA says:

    Oba Kim Hyun-jung
    Please, do not worry
    You are important
    And my sister a lot like Sangay
    We are one of the Arabs
    Saudi Arabia
    We love you

  2. aprilmom says:

    I don’t want to add fuel to a situation that should be dying slowly by now .If you do not want to believe what HJL said at least give him the benefit of the doubt after all this is to my knowledge is the first instance of such action. If KHJ explained it to the best of his ability and sincerity then thats it. He has enough good points to his merits anyway. Besides my advice to KHJ ,whatever has happened has happened no matter how regretful you may be .Sometimes in life we are immersed in situations that we cannot possibly anticipate the consequences . Now you know.You cannot please everybody . There are those waiting for idols to fall from their pedestals. Such is the dilemma of public figures .As they say ,those who are given much in life (popularity ,resources, opportunities) much is also expected . Give it a rest . Case closed .

  3. jade says:

    Hey, I am getting really anxious over this issue! It is very confusing. It is bad that Kim Hyun Joong has attended the birthday celebration of a notorious man, however, from what I read, it seems that is was merely a coincidence. I believed that at a situation as such, DSP entertainment, should be as honest as possible and should try to protect their artist under them.

    Besides, since he was being asked along to grace the event, not staying for long, and out of being polite, shook the hand of the ex-president, shouldn’t he be respected? He is the all symbol for being polite! It doesn’t harm to say happy birthday to someone, even if you hope that person would die, in addition, that ex=president will receive his tragic end! It is only a matter of time!

    P.S Will kim hyun joong lose fans because of this negative news?

    • Imuyachan says:

      well, this thing is being an ISSUE for Korean, n not for International fans. why, due to the ex-president image for the Korean people. yet. if they know the real reason of how HJL was there, they shud have understand his position since it’s not like he knew the ex-president personally rite..let’s just hope things r getting better soon Y_Y thx 4 coming 😀

  4. Soin says:

    Thank you Imuyachan
    i really hope the thing calm down and fade away soon…
    even it was not appropriate, but people make mistakes, right ? ^^
    at least i am happy that DSP released the statement that cleared things up
    and now the netizens in Korea started to understand~ …..
    what a relief….

  5. Win says:

    I can sigh relief now that the netizen has finally showing a positive response about the news..

  6. Zie says:

    Thanks for the Update. ^^

    I read something from one of the web but i don’t know if i should believe it or not. >__<

  7. Mnora says:

    Kim hyun joong
    난, 난 여자가 오전 아랍 한국어 못해요
    제발 내가 당신을 미치도록하여 영화와 음악에 대한 사랑을 기다리는 작업 계속
    나는 당신을 아주 많이 사랑합니다
    토 당신을 위해 한국의 언어를 배울려고

  8. Praew says:

    i dont get it…
    please explain to me~
    T3T *worried*

  9. Kimz says:

    thanks a lot girl for the update!!!
    Huuu~ .. eventually.. there are some positive comments from the netizen
    it’s a good sign for our leader and triple S.. , isn’t it? 🙂

  10. reeka yui says:

    in my heart , hyunjoong is the best artist .. he good as leader , actor and singer .. so , 4 hyunjoong oppa , i’m as oversea fans always support u .. so , FIGHTING !!!!OH YA , AS U KNOW , U GOT MILLION FAN IN ASIA !!!!

  11. minraine says:

    keep up the good work

  12. caroline says:

    just be ok alright hyun joong i love you sarangareyo

  13. sadaf says:

    hi,hyun jung,i love your songs.specialy love like this,i love you

  14. i want to meet you in person.please…………………………………

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