[breaking news] DSP Media responding SS501 Kim Hyunjoong attending former president birthday bash article!

Posted: January 19, 2010 in info
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Ok, when I checked my e-mail this morning, I received an e-mail from a fellow Triple S regarding leader HJ’s last night incident. And, she asked me not to post leader’s diary translation, since she mentioned on how ALL International SS501 Bloggers have decided to NOT posting the diary, so I agree to do the same.

I was updating my blog yesterday morning and didn’t check any of the boys updates during the night whatsoever.

After checking my e-mail, i visit SS501 official site right away, n read his diary entry. n yes, HJL is indeed SUPER MAD!

I will try to write the chronology of the incident :

  • Jan 18 : news came out saying HJL attended a  South Korea former President Chun Doo-hwan birthday celebration. And his attendance was questioned by the reporter. Why he was there, etc.
  • Jan 19 around midnight : several TripleS blogger saw his diary entry and translated it and shocked to what his diary content is all about
  • Then some Triple S said that his 1st diary entry was taking down
  • Then on Jan 19 at 02.02 am, another diary entry was posted by HJL : still about how mad he was regarding the news article (he is so mad trust me)
  • Then on Jan 19 at 11:16 am , DSP Media posted a clarification post about the situation and related to HJL’s diary entry

Update as per 18.00 Korea Time : my fellow writer in K bites JiYoun did a coverage about this, she’s Korean (and Korean is her 1st language) so she should have a better understanding about this issue compare to me (with Korean as my 2nd language). Full credit to K Bites ! Read away !

SS501’s member Kim HyunJoong is currently mad due to the controversy that is encompassing him in Korea. This controversy of this matter involves the ex-president of Korea, Jeon DooHwan.

What is it exactly that the netizens and citizens are making a fuss about? KBites will lay out the facts.

In Korea on the 18th, the news reported that Kim HyunJoong had gone to the birthday celebration for the former president of the Republic of Korea. This could seem like a simple birthday celebration, however, the fact is that it wasn’t

Many of you guys may not know about the reputation Jeon DooHwan has in Korea. Many of you guys might not also know that some Koreans are just waiting patiently for his death. Jeon DooHwan was the president that caused one of the most notorious act in Korea, also called the “Gwangju Democratization Movement.” Before,Jeon DooHwan had pressured Koreans under the military power, basically making sure that everyone was following him. However, in Gwangju, several hundreds of citizens gathered together and formed a “movement” for the democracy in the government. Unfortunately, the armed forces were too much for the weak citizens to handle, and along with the movement, several hundreds of the citizens were brutally massacre in 2 days, causing a short period of war between the citizens of Korea. This wasn’t his only mistake, but one of the mistakes he is critized the most for.

Jeon DooHwan celebrated his eightieth birthday in Korea, and a suprising guest came on to the scene, and it was no other than Kim HyunJoong. When the news first came on to the scene, it was said that DSP Media had no idea Kim HyunJoong had attended this event. However, it was revealed that he had actually been there at the event and DSP announced once again that HyunJoong had gone there with someone else (imuyachan : this is shud be the DSP CEO Mr.Lee HoYeon) that knew the former president. DSP Media also made sure to emphasize the point that Kim HyunJoong had only been there “for a while.”

According to one photographer that was present in the birthday scene, he revealed that Kim HyunJoong waited in line along with the other guest to greet the president, and eventually ended up meeting the former president and shaking his hand as well. The controversy continues with Kim HyunJoong’s journal entry he posted. The journal entry will not be posted here, however, HyunJoong was mad about all the response that came to him and he continued on about how he was taken to the birthday party and he didn’t have a choice at all.

Whilst the DSP Media post is as follow :

January 18 Kim Hyunjoong articles relevant information is reported. [Dspe] (211.104.112.XXX) 2010-01-19 AM 11:16:02

Hello. This is DSP media.
Many of you saw articles related too Hyunjoong-kun last night
A lot. A lot of inquiries over the matter is also circulated offline
And Triple S is aware of this article about Hyunjoong-kun too

I think you should be aware about what is actually happened

Contents are as follows.

Yesterday, on January 18 was the birthday of Lee HoYeon Chief Representatitve

Due to “Life Theater 2010” shooting schedule Jungmin didn’t attend, yet

Hyunjoong, Kyujong, Youngsaeng and Hyungjoon were scheduled to attend the dinner.

Before the dinner, nothing else happened as Hyunjoong was together with our boss for a meeting

Then as promise, he went to the place where Lee Hoyeon Chief Rep event being held

He then contact us and pop into the appointed venue as promised.

Without any clear information about the situation last night’s incident has drove people into craziness

And due to his unfamiliarity with the situation Hyunjoong sounded very wounded by the incident

1 minute or 10 minutes or anything, what’s important is he didn’t attend that event*

In the city or village, we want all of you to know and understand about the real situation
So, after this post, I hope you get to understand the situation better.

Above trans was misreading by me [I was in hurry – sorry] and here’s the correction from SS501ufo :

Before going to the appointment place,
Hyun Joong who originally had other scedule in the day, when to the disccusion location together with the CEO,
on the way, the CEO received a call
On the way they went in for a while then left and proceed to the appointment location as scheduled.

Without any intention or planning, this incident just happened coincidently
There’s no room for choice
Hyun Joong was not used to receiving bad comments and seems to receive quite hurt by it

Whether stay for 1 minute or 10 minute, no matter what is the situation at the moment
Just making an issue by going or not going, although we don’t expect everybody will understand
But we hope you should write the article after understanding the truth

[DSP Media]

One of the news article posted :

President Chun Doo-hwan  on Jan 18 celebrates his birthday with his wife Mrs. Lee SoonJa in Gangnam with a  banquet birthday celebration. many people attend the event, …………. (omitted for not related to SS501) …………..including popular group member SS501 Kim Hyunjoong.

source : donga

Imuyachan :

I won’t be sharing the diary entry until all SS501 International Blogger agree to do the same or until this issue is settling down or which one is sooner~

HJL was upset because of the negative comments coming to him after his attendance at the bday bash. It is because the ex president is such a controversial public figure with NOT SO GOOD history (read K Bites coverage above).

HJL is getting comments/curses on how he can appear in such event, what is his relationship with the former president, etc. People are saying the possibility of him supporting this former president then they linked HJL as well to former president’s bad history, etc. And HJL pissed off hearing this comments from peope who basically don’t know the real circumstances he went through at that time…

HJL was with DSP CEO, and on their way to the CEO bday Venue, the CEO received calls n he decides to stop by at the ex president’s bday party was held. of course HJL had no other choice when he was with his CEO rite? We expect him to just stay in the car whatsoever ? So, he stopped by as well and greet the former president, n then the 2 left.

Yet, people are making a fuss about this short visit and bashing him without knowing the real story and that’s making HJL sad n mad n the bashing lead him to post such full of anger diary entry ..

So many TripleS worries that his mad diary entry incident will make HJL suffers the same thing as 2PM leader Jaebum , and to protect him, since we don’t know clearly about this issue (political related/unrelated, i don’t know) all Triple S (Korea or International) as well as International SS501 Bloggers/Site decide to NOT post the diary translation wrote by HJL.

I will update you regarding this issue..

~ Update as per Jan 19-22:45 Korea time via stalking_hj : his diary is revealed and k-netizen were said to understand his situation that makes him went to the bday party.

~Update as per Jan 19-22.51 Korea Time via stalking_hj : k-netizen seemed to understand HJL bcoz his diary entry, DSP release isn’t helping Y_Y



thanks to stalking_hj for the tip. Source : DSP Media Official Website+ss501ufo [for the DSP Media Post correction].

  1. Vleese says:

    oouuhhh…. what happen with our leader..
    i still dont really understand what makes him really mad..
    imuya.. can u please explain in bahasa? hehehehehe…
    but i guess it really bad things. its rare to see leader get mad.
    eventhough i really want to know what he said in his diary, but if it cant, i guess i have to keep my curiousty.. -.-

    • Angela says:

      All I can say is popularity is such a fragile thing and it goes to show most fans are such fickle and fair weathered creatures. Poor KHJ…if the account given here is true, blame the CEO you ppl!

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  4. Zie says:

    OMG OMG OMG! This is major right? >__<

    Imuya.. Thank you for the update and please keep us Update.

  5. Gelic says:

    Awww.. Thank u very much for this.. and also for not posting Leader’s diary translation..
    We,Triple S should stand strong behind him!
    We’ll be the wall to lean on if ever Leader falls..
    He doesn’t deserved this! Aww.. What’s wrong w/ them?!
    >___< Leader.. please be strong!!! We're always here for you!

  6. Vleese says:

    now i know whats in the diary.. And i’m relief that all bloggers agree not to posting it.. It’ll cost leader more wound..
    And from the comment that i read from the forum, some UNRESPONSIBLE person copied it and posting the subbed.. TT.TT’
    i feel, i need to read what the reporter said too..

  7. hannykhj says:

    i hope he can trough this as soon as possible…he’s a tough man!!
    be strong KIM HYUN JOONG!!!!
    keep ur smile 😉

  8. Kaelyn says:

    Thank you for translation. i try to find and understand the news from many sources but I really cant understand.Finally I found ur blog which make me understand more ab situation BUT I also afraid of Kim Hyun joong’s anger.after I saw you wrote; “So many TripleS worries that his mad diary entry incident will make HJL suffers the same thing as 2PM leader Jaebum , and to protect him, since we don’t know clearly about this issue (political related/unrelated, i don’t know) all Triple S (Korea or International) as well as International SS501 Bloggers/Site decide to NOT post the diary translation wrote by HJL. ” I really really afraid history will repeat itself’

  9. Kimz says:

    thanks a lot Imuyachan for the update on our leader**
    now i more or less understand what’s happening

    and thanks for collecting our msg for HyonJoong 🙂
    i believe in KimHyonJoong & our TripleS’s supports 🙂
    so.. everything will be fine soon!!

    KimHyonJoong fighting!! Q(^o^)

  10. lovely may says:


  11. aprilmom says:

    We are now waiting for the new creative presentation of SS501 and Hyun Joong .Yes, We are moving on …life is a road full of bumps and humps ,detours and stops .But we all go on !!!

  12. Praew says:

    wow~ this sounds so serious!
    why do people get so caught up in something as small as this?
    he was obviously visiting cos he had no choice,,,and its just impolite if he stayed in the car right?
    cos it was also his CEO’s bday, he cant just let him go in alone!!!!
    why cant people just understand that????
    im glad tht he vented out his anger in his diary entry [altho i dont kno what he wrote]
    cos its better to let it out than keep it in to himself
    hyun joong oppa~ FIGHTING!!! 🙂
    u still hav us,,triple S 😀 ❤

  13. >{SOSO} says:

    OMG !!
    why this happend i’m very sad T^T …. I hope this problem can be solved sooooon

    KIM HYUN JOONG be strong pleeease we completely support you and SS501 ***FIGHTTING***

  14. ss501 lovers says:

    i searching for his diary and i can’t find it… honestly i ever read it but because i.m in a rush i’m not put my full atenttion when i’m read it.. but after the incident becoming bigger day by day, i know kim hyun joong is a victim and he try to reveal his feeling in dsp official but the message was gone.. and after that he send the same message again and it deleted.. hey guys u know… LEADER JUST TRYING TO TELL THE TRUTH AND I BELIEVE WITH HIM because he did it twice, he need our trust for reveal it not to cover it.. but dsp deleted and u willing to keep the message because DSP won’t to reveal it… but public tv was broadcast it, and there is KHJ in that place (birthday event) so DSP ONLY WANT TO SAVE THEIRSELF!!!! the problem is KHJ is a victim of dsp… i don’t know it’s so sad but it’s look everyone just helping dsp to cover their bad intend to KHJ and made KHJ looked make a fault to attending former president’s birthday event…i wish someday i can read that message again the pure feeling oh KHJ that was hurt because he felt as a victim and it’s not fear for him… dsp is sucks try to cover it because they won’t their company’s name corrupt but they let KHJ bearing netizen cruel critics alone… PLEASE ALL OPEN OUR EYES WIDER!!!!!!!!!! i write this coz i love ss501 and TS so much… :)))) thx

    • Imuyachan says:

      u shud read my latest update for this issue dear in which I reveal the main message of his diary n help make things easier to be understand by Triple S..thx 4 coming

      • ss501 lovers says:

        thank you very much!! i’m very happy to hear that… could u give me the link of KHJ’s diary? ^^ good job, i wish all the best for our ss501 oppas.. 🙂
        it really makes me sad if i know the bad news about them… thx for ur reply… ss501 aja aja fighting!!!

  15. jak says:

    For God sake! leave KIM HYUN JOONG alone especially those who condemn HIM right away without getting your FACTS/STORIES right… I hope everything is clear now !!!! for HIS NAME sake… KIM HYUN JOONG I wish you the BEST OF EVERYTHING , GOODLUCKS , GOODHEALTH , GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS in your daily life as well as your TEAM MATES/BANDS and i know you love them dearly since you’ve been each other for quite long years…thanks for reading this if anyone interested… love all the TRIPLE S supporters… keep doing your fantastic work and good HEART for SINCERELY LOVING our SS501……….jak***

    PS… sorry, if i sometimes or always not being able to chat or drop a line in this site, bcoz i’m really busy… but don’t you worry i realy love love love reading all the comments(only those good comments) for our SS501……….jak***

  16. caroline says:

    i hate the presdent poor kim hyun joong i love him

  17. caroline says:

    the president is so bad bad poor hyun joong sarang hae i love you

  18. cecil says:

    i hate the president ….
    saranghae kim hyun joong…..
    we love you…

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