[Video] SS501 leader Hyunjoong is #2 for Korea’s Barbie Han ChaeYoung!

Posted: January 17, 2010 in video
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Wow, unnie really likes HJL ^^ Maybe she was impressed by him during Kkotboda Namja shooting ^^

HJL was choosing Lee Hyori unnie over her last time SS501 went to Champagne show, yet, when ChaeYoung unnie went to the show, she chose HJL over hawt top guys yet, HJL lost to G.O.D member Son Ho Young oppa in the end. Is it really a lose or is it because HoYoung oppa was there at the show LOL ^^ No just kidding! Son Ho Young oppa is hawt as well, so it was a tough choice indeed ^^ ChaeYoung unni is so pretty ❤ If she’s not married, I want her for HJL ^^ hehe ^^

  1. Praew says:

    do u hav a subbed ver??
    i really wanna no wat she sed ^^
    ahh come on! leader is soo cute+hawtttt he shud b 1st in her heart! ahahha

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