[diary] Kim Kyujong’s New message on 01.14.2010!{reposting not allowed}

Posted: January 17, 2010 in Diary
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Kyu wrote this entry on Jan 14,2010. Sorry for the late share, I was sick n all >.< But, when I read this diary, I am so happy ^^ Kyu always gives us positive vibe and that’s why I love him more ^^ He’s into Gossip Girl serie lately n he’s been staying up late for that ^^ Glad that he enjoys his free time ^^ Read the translation below !

  1. SSZA says:

    omg,he’s into gossip girl as in serena n blair gossip girl??woww…he’s like the first guy i know to watch the series!hahaha….is now like their resting time or something?cuz like hyun joong went to canada n kyu jong is resting n all 🙂

  2. soin says:

    Kyu~so sweet
    me too i like how he always says in his diary,
    it seems so positive-thinking way that makes things around more pleasant…

    haha now he’s like experiencing our routine of staying late at night…couldn’t go to bed because we can’t get ourselves off from watching their clips and all…
    please rest well and get ready for your schedule ahead !!! Kyujongah~

    thank you Imuyachan !!
    hope you are feeling better now , take care

  3. secret says:

    wow!!!what a suprise u like to watch gossip girl at late of night
    anyway good luck,take care ss501 n happy good lucky!!!

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