[TV] SS501 and junior Rainbow’s special relationship revealed!

Posted: January 14, 2010 in tv show
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Aha!!! No wonder I feel JaeKyung’s face so familiar ^^ She’s the girl from the MV !

Now, I can be relax n all knowing that she’s the one from the MV ^^ JaeKyung is so pretty ^^

And, for your info, SS501 Park Jungmin is also the one who wrote the lyrics for Rainbow’s song titled KISS.

And, it’s the track that I loved too ^^ So, happy that Jungmin-ee also expand his skill into lyrics’ writing!

Check out Rainbow’s Kiss song here [link] I love to see DSP Love ^^ Rainbow fighting!!

Remember that your SS501 oppas are there to support u all ^^

  1. Vleese says:

    in which MV?

  2. SSZA says:

    how nice to know tht there are oppas who will look after u!esp by ss501!dayummmm…x)

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