[Info] SS501 Kim Hyunjoong dropped his 1st giant screen project offer!

Posted: January 12, 2010 in info
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SS501 Kim Hyunjoong previously reported will have his first giant screen attempt via ‘You are my Pet’ movie project, yet, the news came out today said that after few considerations his participation in the movie is not going to happen.

Kim Hyunjoong,”After considering the cast proposal, I decide to NOT take part in the movie project!”, he said.

Kim Hyunjoong is previously reported to received proposal to act as the leading male role in “You are my Pet” movie project alongwith actress SooAe. The movie is adapted from its Japanese Comic/Drama which talks about a handsome Boy who lives together with a female fashion editor.


Imuyachan : I’m sorry, but I am also happy to read this ..

now, leader can focus to group 2nd album n his MANY CFs.

  1. aprilmom says:

    KHJ decides whatever is best for him ,his career and his well=loved SS501. We are behind you in your decision !

  2. uli says:

    when u come in indonesia?

  3. hannykhj says:

    i agree with u, imuyachan.. i’m also happy to hear that. he take too many projects and i scare if he couldn’t focus to his SS501.. hehehe.. besides, he can take more time to sleep.. hahaha!!! he likes sleeping, right?!!!

  4. soin says:

    me also…
    even it’s a good opportunity and i understand those who disappointed with this decision…
    i just cant help but feel the good side of it that he can concentrate on group activities and his day-off

  5. SoUsOu says:

    YEAHHHHHH AGREE hope he can focus
    hj is the best
    we all with him oppaa for ever
    xoxoxox muhaaa

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