[Info] DSP,” No Family Outing 2 for SS501 Kim Hyunjoong!”

Posted: January 9, 2010 in info
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CONFIRMED! SS501 member Kim Hyunjoong won’t be in  SBS Family Outing – Season 2 show!

DSP Media on Jan 7 talked to Asiae, ” Kim Hyunjoong did receive offer to appear in Family Outing 2; We are very grateful for the care of the production staff, but we find it difficult to let him take part in the show due to his schedule “, he said.

-Omitted for not related to SS501-

Source : 박건욱 kun1112@asiae+이해완 parasa@sportschosun

Imuyachan : i already tweet about this, yet, I just want to share this news as DSP itself already confirmed that HJL won’t be doing any FO 2! of course he won’t! he’ll be busy with movie filming n 2nd full album production ^^ Thank God, DSP took this decision!

  1. vann says:

    as much as he will bring so much laughter to us, and get to see him more often…
    i agree that its a wiser choice for him not taking up the offer, since there are so many other thingys awaiting for him! (:

  2. soin says:

    Me also, feel that if he has tight schedule, he shouldn’t be hosting this…
    of course we wanna see him on show but definitely want him to have time to rest ^^

    so anyway.. is the movie projects still on ?? since it has been on and off so i’m kinda cannot find the conclusion…

    THank you Imuyachan ~

  3. Vleese says:

    its good for him.. So he still have time to relax and take a rest..

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