A treat for all SS501 Heo Youngsaeng Fans Out there !

Posted: January 8, 2010 in Event, fanvid
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The video above highlights great moments from Youngsaeng’s 2009 bday celebration [link].

Kudos to all SS501 fan / fan cafe who translate this sweet moments ^^

As another gift, here’s a compilation of Youngsaeng cute moments for all of u ^^ The video below is made by an avid fan of Youngsaeng in YT named younha7bigbang

Youngsaeng-ee Saengil Chukahaeyo!!

  1. zie says:

    Thanks for this… kekeke He is my fav ❤ ❤ ❤

    MY PRINCE! ^^

  2. Margareth says:

    thank’s 4 upload,, BTW>> can u please share Young saeng dairy??? i really curious about what he wrote.. ^0^.. Thank’s b4..

  3. Kimz says:

    Wahaha..So cuteee ^^ especially his Bday~ <:)
    thxxx girl! 😉

  4. rose says:

    i really like sangie.. his totally so cute

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