[TV Cuts] SS501 HJL in Fuji TV Gourmet’s Table !

Posted: January 7, 2010 in tv show
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Previously reported that HJL was featured in Fuji TV New Year’s special program and be the ONLY Korean Star invited.

The show aired on Jan 5th,2010 on Fuji TV and it is revealed that HJL was cooking Korean Food in the show. He cooked Tteokbokki and SamGyeTang.

HJL even feed the show guest with his OWN hand. And, one the guest who happened to be a transgender guest even almost swallowed HJL’s fingers *lol*

Go under the cut for the tv cuts!

Source : csnews+fuji tv+as tagged

  1. Vleese says:

    aaahh.. Jealous.. Jealous.. Envy.. Envy.. Uhuhuhu..

  2. alexia lo says:

    i want him to feed me too!

  3. soin says:

    the tteokbbokki looks so nice…..
    made me think of Thank you for waking us up ^___^ that was so funny

    goshhh even i knew that his fingers would be bitten…couldn’t help getting shock !!!
    hahaaaa….awww he’s just soooo cute here…

  4. harisa says:

    hello??i am new comer in this blog….i like ur blog,,,so can i leave my coment about this blog next time???oh,,,for this news…so jealous….T.T.

  5. Vleese says:

    do you have the link to watch this show?

  6. Triple S Thailand,Yu says:

    the link of this show with eng sub is:

    SS501 Kim Hyun Joong G0urM@nd T@b|3 1/2 [Eng Sub]
    but I can’t watch for the second part ..I think that it may have some problem with this link..

    SS501 Kim Hyun Joong G0urM@nd T@b|3 2/2 [Eng Sub]

  7. Triple S Thailand,Yu says:

    I have already found the second part..the link is

    [Eng Sub] SS501- Kim Hyun Joong Talk Show Part 2
    enjoy watching!!!

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