[Info] SS501 Kim HyunJoong took the subway for work today!

Posted: January 5, 2010 in info
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Full Credit : K Bites

SS501 member Kim HyunJoong was forced to take the subway on 4th January to get to his schedule venue after heavy snowfall, much to the surprise of fans.

He was schedule for a CF filming at 11am during that day, but due to heavy snowfall causing many major closure of road uses, he had to take the subway to get to the filming site instead.

A staff revealed, “We were worried that he may get into accidents when taking the subway but luckily he had a hat and mask on, and was not recognised by anyone. In the end he managed to arrive at the planned destination safely. HyunJoong was able to carry out his schedule for CF filming.”

It was known that Kim HyunJoong was doing the CF filming for clothing brand MVIO.


thx 2 Eileen for the trans ❤

  1. soin says:

    wowww !!!!
    i think he probably misses the subway anyhow..

    thank you for the news !!!

    • Imuyachan says:

      me also think the same ^^ btw, soin, I won’t come to BKK concert due to the expensive plane tix >.< Enjoy the concert dearie ^^ Mind to be my contributor alongwith Praew ? hehe..let me know…

  2. Kimz says:

    wOo.. even the bad weather they’re still working *o*
    KimHyunJoong u gotta take care!!

  3. ayank_killua says:

    o my god…he’s so cool..huwaaaa…..love him so much…much…much…

  4. […] Previously reported that SS501 HJL is one among many stars who took subway to avoid the bad whether in Seoul. […]

  5. alexia says:

    he’s literally WHITE in colour!
    soooo handsome! keke

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