[diary] Park Jungmin’s new year message!{reposting not allowed}

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Diary
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I only captured a few lines , since it’s a  long entry ^^

Jungmin posted this on Jan 1st,2010 , makes him as the first person to post this ^^

If you found few Korean words inside the translation,

that means it’s a Korean term which idk the meaning~

Read away!

And this is the brand mark which JM talks about in his diary entry ^^

  1. CJ says:

    he is just too lovely for me!
    thank you for sharing =)

  2. soin says:

    LOL i love his note about the brand mark…and all the things he tried to update on his profile….yeaa every of their profile is like…back to 2006-2007 rite ?? ^^

    let’s grow up together ^__^

    thank u !!!!

  3. Kimz says:

    hahaha!^o^ i was wondering what the brand thing’s like..
    till i scroll down!! wahaha++

    and thanks Imuyachan for sharing 😉

  4. hannykhj says:

    hahahaha…. he’s so funny..

    wrote as much as he talks… hohoho..

    it’s realy fun to read their diary…

    please write more n more n more double S!!!!!

  5. Saiyuri says:

    I really love Jung Min!!!! He’s so HOT!!!! He’ll be forever with me in my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i really love jung min

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