[Info] SS501 Kim Hyunjoong is Hallyu Star ~ Confirmed!

Posted: January 1, 2010 in info
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SS501 Kim Hyunjoong was getting invitation to participate in Japan’s Fuji TV New Year’s broadcast.
The program is only inviting Japan’s leading actor (celebrity), yet, Kim Hyunjoong is the only Korean Star invited to the show. Kim Hyunjoong has done the recording nicely as he was also performing his Japanese skills during the show.

The show official, “Kim Hyunjoong is very popular in Japan. He has gained recognition along with his group SS501, yet, his participation in Boys over Flowers drama has even made him more popular than before. That is why we decide to invite him to the show, “he said.

s:강은영기자 kiss@sportshankook

  1. Kimz says:

    the only Korean Star invited to the show?? wow.. cool! 😉

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