[Video] SS501 says “Hello” to Triple S Thailand

Posted: December 26, 2009 in video
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SS501 sends message For Triple S Thailand !

The boys are also informing their Persona Concert in Bangkok.
I think they did this in Japan during their Xmas Show as the boys wore the same clothes!

  1. A says:

    awesome hmmm.. i wonder when they’re gonna be able to go to the philippines 🙂 and the U.S.

  2. Praew says:

    i CANT WAIT!!!!
    this vid made me tear up T^T
    im sooo exciteddddd!!!!
    i hope i get the meet and greet thingyyyyyy TT-TT
    i ❤ hyun joong-ee oppa
    i ❤ SS501

  3. Kimz says:

    See you guys in Feb!!! ^o^

  4. Kimz says:

    Anyway, Imuyachan i heard tat u r not going??..

    • Imuyachan says:

      yeah…im not..i thought the boys will stop by at Spore, yet, they’re not…n few days ago when i checked plane tix to BKK it cost me the same price as for the S2 concert tix…so, if it’s a return tix it will cost 3x concert tix price for return tix n 1 concert tix, n that’s excluded accommodation n other expenses..so yeah, i give up.. >.<

      • Kimz says:

        oh.. yaa it’s Chines NY lots of ppl gp for holiday tat’s why.. – -”
        but don’t worry for sure there’ll be coming another round soon!! ^^
        tat’s time we can go and support them together!! hehe..

        ok..for this coming concert in Bkk, i’ll be there support them and yes..
        will share with all Triple S ^o^

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