[Diary] Kim Kyujong’s Christmas Message! Part 2!{REPOSTING NOT ALLOWED}

Posted: December 26, 2009 in Diary
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Kyu also posted his diary entry on Dec 25 ^^ Talked about Snowy Christmas and how he wants us to spend Christmas with good people as well as having a good time with them ^^ And, once again, as if he is the promo manager, Kyu reminds us to listen to Youngsaeng’s song from the SBS Drama ‘Will It Snow For Christmas’ Ost. album ^^

Read away so u know how cute and sweet our Kyu is ^^

  1. pandaseungri15 says:

    He is such a sweet & caring boy!
    Love him so much!
    Love SS501!

  2. Kimz says:

    Lovely KyuJonggg~ hehehe..
    this is his 2nd post on Christmas day? so cute^^

    thanks for sharing again&again~ 😉

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