SS501 Leader Kim Hyunjoong is Most Searched Person in 2009!

Posted: December 22, 2009 in Award
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2 articles for this ^^ Read away!

Article 1

We will start from his charm? What is SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong‘s charm in your opinion?

With his recent broadcasting activities and variety shows due to his group SS501 recent released album REBIRTH promotion , Kim Hyunjoong is definitely loved by many fans as this multi-entertainer is known for his perfect smile!

Fans said, “Among his many charms , I think Kim Hyunjoong‘s smile is the best.” It is also said that this SS501 leader is even getting the nickname ‘Kim Hyunjoong Perfect Smile‘.

Fans who we gave him ‘Kim Hyunjoong Perfect Smile‘ nickname Oh GyeongAh expressed her opinion,”In Kim Hyunjoong’s FanCafe, his smile is also a topic. His smile is giving us comfort and shows his charm the most.” she said.

Recently, Kim Hyunjoong is also chosen as no.1 Top CF Model for male category proven his charm in the advertising industry.

Related to that, an official says,”Kim Hyunjoong is receiving various Advertising love calls. He is known by both advertisers and consumers because of his popularity, elegant manners and appearance. Plus, his luxurious smile will easily convince the public (read: Advertiser Target market).”

Recently, Kim Hyunjoong is also appointed as the new male model for casual brand “Basic House” together with famous actress Yoon EunHye.

Basic House, “Kim Hyunjoong fashion sense is excellent. Having him as our model will appeal our wide target market”.

In addition, Kim Hyunjoong recently won 3 awards in 2009 Yahoo Asia Buzz Award.

Source : 매일경제 스타투데이 조은영 기자 helloey@mk

Article 2

Yahoo Korea released its 2009 Best Top 10 List. Two of the Top 10 List Category are the “2009 Top Hot Star” which goes to SS501 Kim Hyunjoong. And his group SS501 is getting the 3rd place in this category.

Another category is “2009 Most Searched Person” in which leader Hyunjoong is also notching the 1st place for this category.

Complete Winner list below!

2009 Top Hot Star

  1. Kim Hyunjoong
  2. TVXQ
  3. SS501
  4. SuJu
  5. SNSD
  6. Lee Minho
  7. KARA (DSP Line ^^)
  8. Big Bang
  9. Lee SeungKi
  10. Gu Hyesun

“2009 Most Searched Person”

  1. Kim Hyunjoong
  2. Lee Minho
  3. Kim Yuna
  4. Lee SeungKi
  5. No MuHyeon
  6. TVXQ
  7. Michael Jackson
  8. 2PM
  9. Son Dambi
  10. Kim DaeJung

Source : Yahoo Korea

  1. Miffy says:

    Haha! Yes, he smile makes my day! Absolutely! ❤

  2. Vleese says:

    aaahhhh… Leader rules!
    his smile indeed is the best.. His laugh too..

  3. CaRJAm says:

    I don’t want to be hated but I think people only like him cuz of his looks they never mention anything about his singing, looks will fade away. Does not mean I hate him though he is still part of ss501 n I LoVe everything of ss501!

    • Imuyachan says:

      well..u can’t blame him to have the gorgeous looks rite ? hehe..well, i kinda agree with ur opinion..yet, more people know about SS501 as a group n HJL as a person since HJL participated in BoF drama n we have to admit that. that’s why we can’t blame people to like him for his looks or bcoz his role as JiHoo sunbae which we know this character is known also for his looks (u can tell from the comic). but i think leader shud do more of solo songs so people can recognize his singing not saying this bcoz am his a radio dj so u can tell that i have the music knowledge in me too though it’s not much ^^ yet, i can tell that in most of SS501 songs..leader is only getting small parts plus i don’t think the songs suit his voice the most..yet, it’s a group songs so no wonder that DSP need to find song that suits most of the member’s singing skills..leader voice (in my opinion) suits the rock songs genre like the one that he sang in one of the old SUKIRA radio show..when u see him there u can tell that he can actually sings well n he looked confident as well when he sings that kind of song n the one he sings solo “Please be nice to me” it’s one of the slow-medium slash NOT Rock song type that suits his light voice..well, don’t compare him with YoungSaeng-ee who is an all around singer (can do ALMOST all kind of song genre) ^^ leader can sing but he needs to get the right song to show his singing skill ^^ thx 4 coming 😀

      • Praew says:

        woahh! imuyachan!
        i totally agree with ur comment 🙂
        its wat ive been tryin to say in many YT vids!
        ur a radio DJ? wowww…so cool!

  4. Krome Radio says:

    Yeah I believe it. After BOF came out, we went on a search… he is so charming in own way. From his smile to personal demeanor outside of the character. But his charm is the attitude and smile.

    Also, in addition to the singing comment. He seems earnest when he sings. Which is also very charming.


  5. Erika Arg says:

    Hey! I love Hyun Joong Kim..He’s so cute and he has a great voice..They should come to N.Y.C ..Im very sure not just Korean fans will go to the concert, Spanish will go too..I hope i can go one day to their concert..I love’re the best..I would like to know your concert schedule for 2010..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..SS501.. I love you Hyun Joong..muah..Good Luck.

  6. pengfoo says:

    Hyun Joong has a great singing voice. When you listen to SS501 on CDs you maynot be able to identify each member individually as the boys do sound alike in most songs. However I find that HJ has the most charming and distinctive voice and style. If you watch SS501 performing esp the concerts in Japan you will realise how good HJ is. Visually he draws you to him like a magnet
    and his voice does not disappoint at all.
    He hits the high notes just fine. The great thing is he is always improving.

    Perhaps you can google him singing his parts in each of the songs in any given CD like for SS501 All My Love, or solo in concert like ‘Never Again” and “This is not the end ” his soft rap song or “Rain” by Lee Juk on an airshow.

  7. Vleese says:

    well cant blame that ‘walking statue’ becoz people love him by the look and his smile, not by his voice for first thing..
    when he sing a song titled ‘Rain’ in radio (i guess, coz i watch it at youtube) i think his voice was good.. In some way.. He do have soft voice too..
    Leader just need extra practice.. ^^.. Ahahahaha…
    no offense.. His my ichiban in SS501..

  8. SSZA says:

    oohhhh…i’m not surprise tht he’s the most searched celebrity cuz i googled him a lot too..hahahaahah,talking about his smile,u can see tht when he smiles,the whole face lights up like he’s actually earnestly something amuses him.u can totally see tht kind of smile in bof.wooooohhhh…..

  9. Praew says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    congratulationsss hyun jooonggg~ ^^
    most searcheddd! YAYY! haha
    and top hot starrr!! WOWW!! : )))
    im so happy for himmm 😀

  10. eugene says:

    I love Kim Hyun Joong the most, especially his smile. I love to see him smile everyday. Merry Xmas!!!

  11. Lnk says:

    i agree.
    i love his laughs very much.. it can make my stomach hurts very much,
    also love his smile.he have a unique smile 🙂

    no wonder tht he is 2009 Most Searched Person.cos he’s really unique and perfect!

  12. nerissa says:

    i agree guys in everything you’ve said and i think hyun joong really deserves it he’s very natural even the way he smiles and when he laughs too…and in defense with leader he may not have the very beautiful voice but he’s really improving, and not to mention he’s very good in a lot instruments right! especially with guitars that where he started anyway, well when it comes to looks it’s not his fault that he’s GIFTED with it….and he dances very awesome too…very proud of hyun joong and attitude and personality wise he was loved by his 4d and being frank and true, so i think this guy really worth it not just because of his looks and if you’re going to searched about his life you would say that he started from the bottom and he works very hard for all his achievements…

  13. madztot says:

    hope to have their persona concert in the Philippines!! ur fans wants to c u in person ~~ pls.pls. for another concert tour include Philippines…. why does BIG BANG,SUPERJR,4MIN AND 2PM could come, are’nt they?

  14. aprilmom says:

    YES I have turned my laptop upside down trying to find anything and everything about KHJ. Yes I also noticed in group singing he has the small parts . He should have more parts and more solo.I like his thick mellow almost bedroom voice -it touches you in the heart-it is not the center of attention voice but a voice that is soothing and conveys heartfelt meaning .I hope he gets in touch with song writers (or he can do it himself)that knows how to bring out the best in his voice.He will do well as a balladeer .

  15. pearly chang says:

    i love kim hyung joon…

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