[Video] SS501 Magnae Hyungjoon doesn’t want his variety show image continues…

Posted: December 18, 2009 in radio show
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We know that our magnae Hyungjoon is always got bullied by his hyungs in variety shows. One fan spoke out the possibility of using this bullying trick as a method to give exposure to magnae in shows.  I also pity him sometimes, I mean, they always teased him n all , and to be honest who will not feel annoyed, then when I heard him over Music High program, n heard him saying that it’s only for variety shows (the bullying scene) I feel relieve, coz that means, magnae doesn’t feel annoyed or anything towards his hyungs ^^ And now, I kinda agree the fan thoughts on having this bullying trick to expose magnae in variety shows  ^^ Then again, HJB is like the 2nd person with tight schedule after HJL rite ? So, he does get the exposure *lol*

Anyway, do enjoy the video, the audio is taken from one of his Music High program when he shared his thoughts about his variety image ^^

  1. A says:

    aww he’s still cute no matter what.

  2. cherry may says:

    baby is still the cutest among the 5 so that’s fine!!!

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