SS501 Magnae Kim Hyungjoon wants to reborn as…

Posted: December 17, 2009 in tv show
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SS501 Kim Hyunjoong, Park Jungmin and magnae Kim Hyungjoon appeared on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ on Dec 15 ! And, in the episode HJB shares his thought on how he wish to be reborn as HJL *lol*

Kim Hyungjoon,”Hyunjoong hyung has this look that everyone envies with. I especially envy his cool character in his recent drama appearance,” he said.

Kim Hyunjoong in reply says,” People will say that they want to reborn as Tom Cruise instead of me. I am still lack a lot!” he said with a laugh.

Source : 박태진 of etoday

Imuyachan : *lol* at HJL answer to HJB ^^ Double HJ is Love ^^

Magnae don’t worry! We love u for who u are ^^

  1. gasy says:

    hahaaaa.. i love ur blog!!! do update everyday kkkk =)

  2. Soin says:

    I really love your comment
    Yes Hyungjun-ah….we love you because you are you ❤

    • Imuyachan says:

      haha ^^ u know Soin, i really think magnae shud be proud of himself..he is a handsome boy, different way from HJL’s handsomeness , but he is handsome! his fan even called him “pretty Boy” and set up a fansite under the same name coz he is a pretty boy ^^ he can sing well, i even cthink his voice is the most stable from all their stagey recently, he even tries out drama, he is radio dj-ing at 2 am as in everyday, he was mc-ing as well (’till his schedule doesn’t allowed him) and he was also joined variety show b4 it stops with unclear reason…so i think he shud be proud of himself ^^ we love our magnae rite ^^ HJB jjang!

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