[Info] SS501 grabbed awards in “2009 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards”! Hallyu Star indeed!

Posted: December 17, 2009 in Award
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Ok, the awards naming are so confusing, other article says ‘A’ other says ‘B’, I will stick to one source, so please excuse me if there’s mistake whatsoever.

Yet, in computertimes article, revealed the fact that HJL is actually winning in 2 categories for Yahoo Korea locally: Best Male Singer and Best Male Actor. See the winner list caption below !

Meanwhile according to asiae , here are what the boys have received :

Kim Hyunjoong received 3 awards for : Asia Top Buzz Male Artist, Taiwan Netizen Top Buzz Korean Artist and Korea Netizen Top Buzz Male Artist. Whilst SS501 received Asia Top Buzz Group award.

If we combine these 2 source, means HJL wins 4 awards in total n not 3; best male singer in Korea, best male actor in Korea, Asia buzz male artist and Taiwan Netizen Top Buzz Korean artist. But, news said only 3.Maybe the best male actor is the same as Asia buzz male artist? aghhh confusing *lol* ^^ Anyway, he grabbed those awards (either 3/4) and our boys gets the Asia Top Buzz Group Award as well ^^ CONGRATS!!!

Source : computertimes + asiae

  1. kurdonya says:

    why ss501 didnt win melon award?????????????
    can any one say why they didnt any awards inside korea??????????
    whats ts korea doing ??????
    our boys gets the Asia Top Buzz Group Award and thy didnt win any awards in korea
    how could this be????????
    is that becaus thy didnt went to the events is that why they didnt win melon and golden disk and mama awards??????????????????
    plz plz plz tell me…………………………………………..

    • Imuyachan says:

      darling..melon awards voting only take 20% of the total judgement..then the rest of it will be affected to digital single download via melon site n other factor..SS501 active only this 2nd half of 2009, the award is from oct 2008 (if im not mistaken) till when they held the event..our boys are like active into their individual activities along this year so i kinda understand this. as for MAMA awards, our boys win the OST award for BoF ost, so they win 1 category in this award, n i understand that bcoz, that song is so huge in Korea, so they deserve to win with that song. as for Golden Disk awards, i can say it’s like melon awards reason. as for yahoo buzz korea, the event is held by 3 yahoos : korea, hongkong n taiwan. if u read my post, HJL at least win for best male actor n best male singer in Yahoo Korea. so i don’t think we cannot say that TS Korea didn’t do anything at all..is just, our boys isn’t that active along 2008-2009 as in a group. yet, their comeback is awesome and they win music shows charts with Love Like This / Rebirth album too. i hope this help ^^

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