Kim Hyun Joong, “I’ve dated a female celebrity for 5 months before”

Posted: December 16, 2009 in tv show
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Full Credit : K Bites

SS501 Kim HyunJoong reveals that he had once gone out with a famous female celebrity.

He was on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on 15th December when he revealed, “I have once been in association with a female celebrity for a period of 5 months.” He had revealed that after being ‘attacked’ by Danny Ahn with the question when SES Shoo was talking about ‘Idols’ Love Secrets’.

Danny Ahn said to Kim HyunJoong, “Even though you don’t have a girlfriend now, you have past dating experiences (with female celebrity)” and Kim HyunJoong gave many a shock by saying coolly, “That’s right”.

He added, “In the past, I have dated once. Because I don’t like dating and hiding it, we have dated openly in public places so we didn’t get to date for long.” with that the other celebrities on the show asked how long it was and he answered, “5 months”.

Kim HyunJoong said, “For that 5 months, we went to watch movies at big theatres, I like fishing and we went fishing, we even went to the market together to eat sashimi together.”

Fellow member Park JungMin said, “I don’t know about this at all. Were you by any chance dating with a ghost?”

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong also talked about incident when he has seen a ghost in the group’s dorm.


Imuyachan : I almost sure 80% it’s HwangBo unnie, coz I set up this blog back in 2008 during WGM era, and I read all news as in everyday about him n SS501. But, if it’s not her, then it shud be b4 WGM, coz i missed out ^^ I dunno why, but i love to hear the fact that HJL used to have a least he could experience such romance with someone despite his tight schedule ^^ And, seeing him revealing the fact bravely, I can’t help to love him more, bcoz he’s not afraid of the so called image! He showed us his almost true self, coz he believes that Triple S will always support him ^^ and YES Leader HJ we will ^^  Superb thanks to my dearest friend Eileen for the translation ^^

  1. hj love says:

    i wanna hear who was that lucky girl..?? but ofcourse leader can tell us, kekkeke..
    he said female famous celebrity, wonder who was his gf.

  2. jungminisdalurve says:

    My guess goes to Hwangbo hwangbo hwangbo!

  3. Soin says:

    ^^ Imuyachan…u know i also think like u…
    but i dont know maybe because Hwangbo Unni is probably the only 1 i know that seemed to get along with him well…and has the probability that Jungmin wouldn’t noticed that LOL
    and i love her also !!! she’s 1 of my idols ^^
    but no matter who the lucky lady is (she was really lucky haha…) all the best for them !!

    i’m happy also, and i’m quite sure Leader can live his life well cuz he knows what’s to be prioritised
    let’s support him !!!
    SS501 fighting !!!!

    ps..i wanna share T-Max/FT Island clip with you (they’re quite reluctantly taken, though -_-)
    maybe i can upload them this weekend since i am superb busy this week

    Cheers !!

    • Imuyachan says:

      agree ^^ maybe bcoz all their dates were through WGM so no one noticed *lol* anyway, i wud love to see ur Fti n Tmax clips ^^ let me know when it’s upped ^^ thx dearie ❤

  4. SSZA says:

    omo…THIS IS HUGE!!i thought SS501’s company wouldn’t let them date during their contract period?i hope its hwangbo!!! sweet if it was her!

  5. Kimz says:

    Yaaaa.. i agree it might be Hwangbo during WGM ^^
    and that’s why no one can notice hehe… :p

    Wooo.. so cool HJL dares to talk about this in public not just hiding secretly 😉
    if i were that girl i’d be so happy ^^

  6. Kia says:

    Hwangbo, hope it’s true, but 5 months? Can’t imagine the pressure. I just assume if it was her, maybe she ended it, cuz he has much to accomplish and she didn’t want to be in his way.

  7. hmm... says:

    do you guys no about this LEE YUNHA girl that is rumored to be dating KHJ??

  8. lol says:

    they’ve made a site supporting her (leeyunha)

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